AEW Revolution 2024 Predictions: Wrestling Inc. Picks The Winners

The first All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view of 2024 has arrived, and AEW Revolution looks to be, if nothing else, quite the eventful evening in Greensboro, North Carolina. And what's an eventful evening of wrestling without the Wrestling Inc. team here to make picks? The card features eight high-profile matches — well, technically nine, but Tony Khan put Meat Madness on ice and rejiggered it into the All-Star Scramble after we had already made picks, so we're just pretending that one doesn't exist. Eight matches, then, for our purposes — most of them much more difficult to predict than anything on WWE Elimination Chamber.


If you've been following along this year as we track our success rate, you know that we've been on fire to start things out. The picks made in this column have gone 13-1 across the first three PLEs of 2024, meaning we've been hitting 93% of our consensus picks. Not bad — but an AEW PPV is a very different beast from a WWE show, and our team is heavily split on several of these contests. Can we keep our winning ways alive? Let's take a look at the picks!

FTR (63%)

FTR vs. Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli of the Blackpool Combat Club is one of three Revolution matches that had us at just under a two-thirds/one-third split, for a total of 63%. The fact that this one is close makes sense — these two teams fought to a time-limit draw just a couple weeks ago on "AEW Dynamite," after all — but it also makes sense that FTR are the favorites.


For one thing, it's been a little while (about three months) since FTR got a win over the BCC. That was ROH Final Battle in December, when FTR teamed up with Mark Briscoe to win a six-man contest against Moxley, Castagnoli, and Bryan Danielson — and even that match needed to be re-started after initially ending in a double count-out. That was followed by the time limit draw, and then BCC got another six-man win over FTR and Eddie Kingston this past Wednesday, though admittedly, the finished involved Kingston and Danielson, leaving the war between FTR and Moxley/Castagnoli thoroughly unresolved. Still, based on record alone, BCC walks in with the advantage here, and we like FTR to even things up.


Beyond that, we have to think that despite the draw, AEW will ultimately put over FTR in a straight-up tag team contest considering they are the longer-tenured and more experienced team. And considering the AEW tag titles are about to be either (a) held by FTR's eternal rivals, the Young Bucks, or (b) vacated and up for grabs, most of us think it makes sense to give them a big tag team victory here.

Written by Miles Schneiderman

Will Ospreay (94%)

In what could easily end up being the match of the night, Will Ospreay is set to compete in his first-ever match as an official AEW star, taking on Konosuke Takeshita in what promises to be a fast-paced, hard-hitting encounter. Both are members of The Don Callis Family, but as their confrontation on "AEW Dynamite" this week proved, there's competitive tension between them to prove who the best man is, and Ospreay is not expected to remain with Callis long. While Callis is likely to be around ringside and can never be truly trusted, most fans will be hoping this can just be a clean singles match that allows both wrestlers to showcase why they're considered to be amongst the best in the world.


Takeshita is one of the growing names in the wrestling business, and there are certainly going to be big things in his future. However, it's hard to look past Ospreay getting a victory in what is essentially his full-time debut for the company. Of course, the Englishman has competed in several AEW matches before due to their relationship with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but this is truly the start of his time as All Elite.

Considering the star power that Ospreay commands, and the fact Tony Khan could inject him into the main event scene immediately if he wanted to, the idea that he would lose this encounter seems hard to believe. So while Takeshita will no doubt look fantastic throughout what should be a competitive match, it is Ospreay who will more than likely have his arm raised.


Written by Matthew Wilkinson

Continental Crown Championship: Eddie Kingston (63%)

One of the toughest matches to call on the AEW Revolution card sees Eddie Kingston defend the Continental Crown Championship against Bryan Danielson. The reason why it's a tough match to predict is very simple: It all comes down to which version of Kingston shows up in Greensboro.


Since losing to Kingston in the Continental Classic Blue League Final, Danielson simply couldn't wrap his head around his defeatt. He'd beaten "The Mad King" twice before in AEW, but couldn't get the job done the third time. Then it hit him. He wasn't facing the same Kingston — he was facing a Kingston who was mature, focused, and most importantly, calm. Since then, Danielson has tried to get under Kingston's skin by doing a variety of things. He's called him "a bum", he's ignored him, he's flipped him the bird, and he even stole Bryan Keith's thunder when he was announced as "All Elite." None of these things rattled Kingston enough to snap — until he saw Danielson kick one of his heroes, Jun Akiyama, between the legs. Danielson got Kingston to be emotional, playing right into "The American Dragon's" plan.


This led to Danielson choking out Kingston on the most recent episode of "Dynamite," leading many to wonder if Kingston has it in him to pick himself up and walk into Revolution with a clear head. If Kingston wrestles emotional and angry, he's done for. But if he can maintain his focus, he stands a very good chance of winning — and Danielson has to show him respect and shake his hand afterwards.

Danielson has the ability to take away Kingston's life's work with a win, but 63% of us believe that the calm and composed Kingston is going to be the one to show up in Greensboro, and he will be the one leaving with the Continental Crown Championship, Danielson's respect ... and a very bruised chest, if their three previous meetings are anything to go by.

Written by Sam Palmer

AEW TNT Championship: Christian Cage (56%)

It was a tight margin of victory for Christian Cage among our staff's votes, but the veteran earned a slight edge over Daniel Garcia in our eyes for their TNT Championship bout this Sunday. Over the last six months, Cage has been engaged in a heated storyline with longtime friend Adam Copeland, who actually defeated Cage for the TNT Championship at AEW Worlds End in December. But Cage took advantage of a title shot won by Killshot earlier that night to win the title back in underhanded fashion.


Meanwhile, Garcia has been rising through AEW's ranks since finishing his run in the Continental Classic tournament, and things culminated last month with a match between Garcia and Copeland to determine who would challenge Cage at Revolution. That match ended in a no contest due to interference from Cage and his allies, with Garcia later being granted the title bout.

Though Garcia has momentum, and possible allies of his own in the form of Copeland and FTR, Cage has simply been able to counter nearly every move that's been made against him since last summer. With the opinion of our team almost completely split (more so than any other Revolution match), it's certainly possible that Garcia could pull off a victory, but Cage has shown time and time again that it's not a good idea to bet against him. He'll have Killswitch, Nick Wayne, and "Mother" Wayne at his back this Sunday, and with plenty of unfinished business against Copeland, another TNT title match between the two seems likely.


Written by Nick Miller

AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong (94%)

Current AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy will take on Roderick Strong of the Undisputed Kingdom, and not many of us are convinced the "Freshly Squeezed" one will hang on to his championship. A whopping 94% of WINC staffers believe Strong will walk out of Revolution with the title — possibly because the Undisputed Kingdom really needs a boost on AEW TV.


The faction had a story that started out hot when Adam Cole was revealed as the Devil, but things have fallen flat due to both his injury and MJF's, and the group has been going nowhere fast. The charismatic Strong capturing the International Championship would give the Kingdom the lift it needs, with Strong being able to take on AEW's many babyfaces for the championship on not only "AEW Dynamite," but "AEW Collision" as well. Cassidy has had a great run with the championship, but as a character that's always over with the fans, it's not really necessary for him to hold on to it much longer. The belt is much more suited for the heel Strong to take back to the Kingdom.

Written by Daisy Ruth

AEW Women's World Championship: Toni Storm (88%)

Since inking a contract with AEW back in January, Deonna Purrazzo has made her intentions crystal clear — she wants the AEW Women's World Championship. And so far, Purrazzo has boasted a compelling case for AEW to strap the title on her.


Heading into AEW Revolution, Purrazzo is riding a seven-match winning streak, with three wins on "AEW Dynamite," two on "AEW Collision," and another pair of victories on the 2024 Jericho Cruise. In addition to her in-ring momentum, Purrazzo has also asserted that she is not the same competitor she was when previously facing the current AEW Women's World Champion, Toni Storm, in STARDOM. Purrazzo is sharper and much more calculated, particularly when it comes to unleashing her arsenal of technical moves.

However, while Purrazzo has proven herself to be a formidable challenger to Storm, there is no denying that AEW fans (and the majority of Wrestling Inc. staff) are already looking ahead to the title's potential next challenger — "The CEO" Mercedes Mone. Mone will reportedly make her AEW debut on March 13, as the company heads to her hometown of Boston for the special "Big Business" episode of "Dynamite." Given that Mone will likely be gunning for the AEW Women's World Championship upon her own arrival, it makes sense for her to be rivaled by a champion who, much like her, continues to be one of wrestling's hottest acts.


Even if Mone paints her target elsewhere, there is still a high probability that Storm's loyal assistant, Mariah May, will intervene in this upcoming AEW Women's Championship match and aid Storm to victory (or at least ensure that she retains her title). As such, 88% of Wrestling Staff Inc. believe "Timeless" Toni Storm will successfully defend her AEW Women's Championship against "The Virtuosa" Deonna Purrazzo at Revolution.

Written by Ella Jay

AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe (88%)

Since winning the AEW World Championship from MJF late last year, Samoa Joe has established his dominance at the top of the promotion's card, but he's done it primarily outside of the ring. Joe has had just one title defense this year — against Hook on the January 17 episode of "AEW Dynamite." It still feels as though his reign needs more time. Despite both "Hangman" Adam Page and especially Swerve Strickland carrying a great deal of momentum, it's too early for Joe's party to come to an end.


Page is in the early stages of a heel turn, and as a former AEW World Champion, taking a loss here could send him further down the dark path he's been traveling on. As far as we're concerned, that's all for the better, as this is the most interesting Page has been in some time. Additionally, if Joe is able to pin Page before Strickland can, it would add a lot of fuel to a one-on-one feud between Strickland and the champion.

It feels likely that Strickland is going to capture the AEW World Championship sometime this year. However, it won't be Sunday night. Joe still has more to accomplish as champion and there is more storytelling potential in Strickland chasing the title for a while longer. Plus, with Sting's retirement match reportedly set to headline AEW Revolution, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for the world title to change hands immediately before.


Written by Nick Miller

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Sting and Darby Allin (63%)

Our third 63% match is by far the biggest one — that's the percentage of us here at WINC who believe Sting will retire a undefeated champion after he and Darby Allin defend their AEW World Tag Team Championship against Matthew and Nicholas Jackson in a tornado tag match, in what has been revealed as the pay-per-view's main event. Sting's final match is difficult to predict because there are two extreme and opposite moves; either he does end his career with gold, or he puts over the Bucks and their new heel gimmick, which has seen them lean into their real-life roles as Executive Vice Presidents of the company.


Over half of us predict it will be the first option, leading to a feel-good moment between "The Icon" and Allin, as well as for the fans in Greensboro — a city that was booked specifically because of its connection with Sting's career, in an arena that's sold out. It's also an interesting match because Sting chose the Bucks to be his final opponents, while many believed he Sting put Allin over in a final act of goodwill toward the future of the industry before riding off into the sunset. With so many fans traveling to North Carolina just to see Sting's retirement match, we believe Tony Khan and AEW are going to send the audience home happy, with Sting and Allin raising their tag team title belts one final time. Even if Sting wants to go out on his back, we expect Tony Khan to talk him into emerging victorious one final time.


Written by Daisy Ruth