WWE Clash At The Castle 2024 Predictions: Wrestling Inc. Picks The Winners

Between Backlash in Lyon, France and King & Queen of the Ring in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, WWE has been on a tear with premium live events held on the other side of the Atlantic. This Saturday, the company completes the trifecta with the second-ever Clash at the Castle, this time emanating from Glasgow, Scotland. As has become typical of "minor" main roster PLEs in "The Paul Levesque Era," only five matches have been announced for the show, but all five are for championships, with four of those being singles matches; additionally, two matches represent the continuation and possible culmination of multi-month storylines, while the other three all involve Scottish talent challenging for titles. The stakes are high, and the atmosphere at OVO Hydro is sure to be raucous.


After we went 4-1-1 just last weekend with "WWE NXT" Battleground, the collective Wrestling Inc. staff is currently sitting with a 2024 picks record of 59-6-3, with the three draws representing matches in which our staff was split down the middle. Unbelievably, there's yet another one of those matches on this card, totaling four over the past three PPV events/PLEs. That means these shows have been getting much harder to predict lately, which is a particularly welcome change for the WWE shows, many of which had been previously characterized by basically everyone knowing who was going to win basically every match. That said, we're not worried about our record. For one thing, approaching the halfway point of 2024, our picks (when we're able to come to a consensus) have been correct 91% of the time; for another thing, three of the five Clash at the Castle matches still seem pretty obvious. In short, read these predictions and (mostly) see the future.


With that, let's get to the picks!

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill (100%)

The collective has spoken: Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill are not losing their WWE Women's Tag Team Championships in Scotland. While some pundits have expressed an uncertainty of late as to whether or not WWE actually has a long term plan for these two, we're even more certain that any plan that does exist includes a title retention this weekend.


For better or worse, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark have evolved into tried and true also-rans, having already challenged for these titles unsuccessfully twice this year including once via disqualification after interference from Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre. That, of course, ultimately led to Scotland's native daughters getting a spot in this match, but we don't forecast any glorious homecoming here for The Unholy Union. Even so, having a third team involved in this match makes the champions look stronger in victory, and it's a nice showcase for Dawn and Fyre. As for Baszler and Stark, it's anyone's guess where they go from here.

A team of "mega-powers" like Belair and Cargill is ever only created with its demise in mind, and we're fairly certain that is the eventual case here — their individual star power is just too great to ignore, and a Belair vs. Cargill showdown has surely always been in the cards since the latter signed with WWE in September 2023. Between now and then, however, it would be wonderful to see their title reign do all it can to elevate another team when they eventually overtake the current champs. We just don't think such a moment will happen at Clash at the Castle.


Written by Jon Jordan

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Chad Gable (75%)

Three quarters of the WINC staff expect the weeks of feuding between Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn and Chad Gable, as well as the other mistreated members of the Alpha Academy, to conclude with a title change at Clash at the Castle. This will be Gable's third shot at Zayn's title after losing his initial match and snapping, turning heel in Montreal, then falling short to Zayn in a triple threat with "Big" Bronson Reed at King & Queen of the Ring, and 75% of us think Zayn's reign comes to an end at the hands of the man who trained him to get in WrestleMania shape to take the title from GUNTHER.


Gable has been verbally abusing Otis, Maxxine, and Tozawa for weeks due to what he perceives as their shortcomings, and Zayn has tried to put an end to it, both getting physical with Gable and attempting to talk to the members of Alpha Academy, but nothing really seems to be crystal clear in this feud, especially when it comes to Gable's best pupil. Many of us are thinking that Otis will interfere (or be forced to interfere) on behalf of Gable in Glasgow, though it's always possible someone else gets involved (Gable was rumored to be in line to work with the Creed Brothers back in April). Either way, there's much more story to be told with a heel Gable finally winning the Intercontinental Championship than with him simply losing again and Zayn moving on to the next challenger.


Written by Daisy Ruth

WWE Women's Championship: Bayley (90%)

Bayley is scheduled to defend the WWE Women's Championship for the third time as she steps into the ring with Piper Niven during Clash at the Castle. The overwhelming majority of our staff feel confident Bayley will retain, despite (or perhaps due to) the fact that Niven will be wrestling in her native country of Scotland.


While Niven has definitely improved her standing since her Doudrop days, it's safe to say she hasn't yet reached Bayley's level of popularity. As much as we enjoy watching Niven, she just doesn't feel like a credible threat at this point. Additionally, the lead-up to Bayley's title victory at WWE WrestleMania 40 was quite long, building off the entire history of Damage CTRL as a faction. For Bayley to lose her championship in a match with a brief build and the barest of stories would be a disappointing end to her reign.

That's not to say WWE doesn't have a history of booking babyface champions poorly, but things seem to have turned around in that regard somewhat since Paul "Triple H" Levesque took creative control. There are plenty of titles that could change hands on this card, but the Wrestling Inc. team would be very shocked if the WWE Women's Championship was one of them.


Written by Nick Miller

I Quit Match For The Undisputed WWE Championship: Cody Rhodes (95%)

Last month, Cody Rhodes successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Championship against the formidable AJ Styles. Dissatisfied with the result, Styles later lured an unsuspecting Rhodes into an ambush, with the intent of securing a rematch. Styles' request for another title shot was later granted, but only on the condition that it would be contested under "I Quit" rules. As such, "WWE SmackDown" General Manager Nick Aldis confirmed that the Rhodes-Styles rematch will take place at WWE Clash at the Castle on June 15.


Given his desperation in obtaining this rematch, Styles will likely go to great lengths to fulfill his main quest of capturing the Undisputed WWE Championship. Furthermore, the no-disqualification and no-countout nature of an "I Quit" contest lays out an ideal platform for Styles to legally utilize underhanded tactics, weaponry, and his fellow O.C. stablemates. However, this still may not be enough to defeat Rhodes, who many consider to be the current "face" of WWE.

Since returning to WWE in 2022, Rhodes has lost a total of six matches and won well over a hundred. With this track record in mind, and the magnitude surrounding his Undisputed WWE Championship victory at WrestleMania 40, it only seems fitting for Rhodes to lose his title in a match, or at a premium live event, of a similar magnitude. Clash at the Castle unfortunately doesn't fall under that category (as it's not a "Big 5" PLE), and according to the majority of Wrestling Inc. staff, neither does this battle against Styles.


While 95% of us are confident that Rhodes will emerge victorious at Clash at the Castle, Styles' recent Mark Henry-like "retirement" segment does lend some credence to the 5% of us who believe Styles may repeat history once again, only this time, in the style of WWE Over The Limit 2011.

Written by Ella Jay

World Heavyweight Championship: Even (50%)

There was a time when it seemed like the only possible contender who could dethrone Universal Champion Roman Reigns in 2022 was Drew McIntyre, who headed into the Cardiff, Wales event with the hopes and dreams of the entire United Kingdom on his back — and proceeded to get screwed out of the title by Solo Sikoa, being left to sing Don McLean and Oasis in the ring with Tyson Fury. While the tremendous success of the Bloodline story has papered over a lot of the choices made to stretch Reigns's title reign to historic lengths, McIntyre forced to sing consolation karaoke felt like a moment where the company blew it, and they have a chance to right that wrong at Clash at the Castle 2024, in McIntyre's home country of Scotland. World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest is in the middle of a significant amount of Judgment Day drama, and The Judgment Day isn't even allowed at ringside, so the time feels right for McIntyre to finally hoist that World Heavyweight Title for longer than five minutes.


Despite this, the WINC staff is entirely evenly split on the winner of this match, with 50% coming down for McIntyre and 50% for Priest. There are likely two primary factors in play for the Priest supporters — the fact that it's only been a couple of months since he won the title at WrestleMania 40 (with just one defense under his belt so far) and the looming presence of CM Punk, against whom McIntyre continues to wage a weekly promo and social media war as "The Second City Saint" heals up from an injury suffered in the Royal Rumble. Could the vindictive Punk screw McIntyre out of the title for the second straight time — this time while surely being booed by McIntyre's hometown fans? With so many factors in play, there was simply no way for us to come to a consensus. Who will walk out of Clash at the Castle as World Heavyweight Champion? Your guess is as good as ours.


Written by Ross Berman and Miles Schneiderman