Bruce Prichard Recalls WWE Creative Meetings Poolside With Vince McMahon

Bruce Prichard recently spoke to CBS' In This Corner about his memories and what it's like being a go-to professional wrestling historian.

During Prichard's prime in WWE, the inner workings of the company was a much smaller operation than it is now. This provided Prichard the chance to witness several events which he can retell when needed.

Most of WWE's decisions revolved around a small ground of people being Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, and Prichard. The pro wrestling world encompassed their entire existence at that time, often times meaning their coworkers saw them more than their own families. Prichard's sacrifice was beneficial because he helped provide a generation of WWE fans with the stories leading to the biggest matches of the era.

"The thing about it is that my memory and my recall is what is important to me and how it affected me at the time," Prichard said. "While there are people who say that it wasn't how that happened, or this is what Vince McMahon said to me. If I wasn't privy to those meetings I couldn't say yay or nay, however, for so long, it was three guys: myself, Pat Patterson and Vince McMahon who had made a lot of the decisions with the majority of the decisions for many years.

"We kind of lived in a cocoon -- we were the only people that we had seen. We had spent more time with each other than our families and it was during those times and in those recalls how those decisions had affected me personally in making those decisions. That is where the recall comes from. I couldn't tell you the date of any major pay per view. I can tell you the date of when I got married, but the year was during WrestleMania 12, that is how I equate it."

Prichard was able to spend many days and nights poolside with McMahon and Patterson while they booked what would become WWE history. The office needed to move with McMahon, often including many luxurious environments. Although the workspace was enjoyable, it didn't make the work any less grueling.

The small creative team had to stay much later than any other employees of the company, working well into the night. There were no weekends, thus eliminating that time off as well. Prichard feels this aspect tends to be romanticized because people don't realize how there was constant work from limo to a private plane to poolside.

"That is the part that always gets me, 'Oh, they're sitting out in the pool.' What they fail to realize is that we started either out by the pool or in the dining room at 8 o'clock in the morning. We usually didn't end until 10 o'clock at night, every day; Saturday and Sunday. While the folks in the office were 9 to 5, they weren't there an hour earlier or stayed that 6 hours later in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday, they were usually with their families doing things that normal people do.

"So, the romanticism of being out by the pool, which is, in my opinion highly overrated by people who want to think whatever the hell they want to think. It's kind of like when they say that I traveled in limousines to get on private planes and go from place to place; let me explain what happens in those: you get picked up by the crack of dawn, and you get in a limousine. Guess what you are doing in a limousine going on your way to an airplane? You work!

"When you get on the plane you pull out your notes and you pull out your books and guess what you do on the airplane? You work! When you land, you get in the limousine to go to the venue that night for that 15-20 minutes, however long it is, you work! When you get to the venue, you work! At the end of the night you have a meeting and you talk about what you just did before you get back in a limousine to drive to the airport, and three guesses: what do you do in the limousine at the end of the night from the venue to the jet? You work! You get on to the jet and you fly to the next town and you get in a limousine and you work on your way to the hotel where hopefully you can get 4-5 hours of sleep before you repeat that same exact scenario the very next day."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit In This Corner with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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