P.T. Williams

Photo of P.T. Williams
Upstate New York
SUNY Oneonta, Syracuse University
Old School WWE, Original ECW, Retro Wrestling Toys & Video Games
  • In 2010, P.T. worked on an episode of the CBS show "Cold Case" in which Roddy Piper guest starred.
  • In 2016, P.T. was the opening act for "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan's storytelling show.
  • P.T. owns more "Macho Man" Randy Savage memorabilia than perhaps one reasonably should.


From his humble beginnings schlepping coffee on TV shows like "Family Guy" and "America's Funniest Home Videos," P.T. is a seasoned writer and entertainer with over two decades of experience. Transitioning from the unpredictable world of TV writing to the even more unpredictable world of standup comedy, he now entertains audiences across Upstate New York, actively avoiding adult responsibilities whenever possible. In 2012, he co-founded Stage Time Trivia, a bar trivia company with a global digital subscription option, merging his passions for entertainment and useless knowledge. P.T. joined Static Media as a freelancer in 2024, eager for the opportunity to turn his wrestling fandom into currency. Aside from old-school WWE, his interests include craft beer, true crime documentaries, and hiking. In 2023, he achieved a bucket list feat of hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon — and miraculously, back out again.


P.T. has a bachelor's in communications from SUNY Oneonta and a master's in TV-radio-film from Syracuse University.

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