Roman Reigns Vs. Buddy Murphy Possible For WWE SummerSlam

WWE has had talks on possibly doing Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy at Sunday's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view, according to a new report from @Wrestlevotes. The talks were held backstage at Tuesday's SmackDown.

There's no word yet on if Reigns vs. Murphy will happen on Sunday, but it remains a possibility as we get closer to Sunday's big event in Toronto.

As noted earlier, via PWInsider, word going around at SmackDown was that the planned Reigns vs. Bryan singles match will likely be dropped from SummerSlam so they can let the current storyline play out. There had also been speculation on Reigns and Samoa Joe vs. Rowan and Bryan, but it looks like now we may get just some sort of angle to further the storyline at Sunday's pay-per-view, unless Reigns vs. Murphy happens. It was also reported earlier that WWE writers have pitched several ideas for who is behind the attacks on Reigns, and that Rowan may not be the attacker in the end.

For those who missed it, last night's SmackDown saw Reigns beat a confession out of Murphy – that Rowan was the man behind last Tuesday's mystery attack backstage.

As seen below, Reigns took to Twitter and gave Murphy props after the angle.

"Man no doubt @WWE_Murphy is a stud! Great in the ring and I can't wait to introduce him to the Big Fight. But no matter how big a mans arms are. If I hit u first, you're guna take a seat. Big Arms Buddy was no exception. Ah Yessir," Reigns wrote.

Murphy took to Twitter today and said he doesn't care who attacked Reigns, but he's down for a match.

He wrote, "I came to #SDLive from #205Live because I know I a ring. I don't care about who attacked @WWERomanReigns but if he wants to put his hands on me again, I have no problem stepping in the ring with him. Anywhere. And smile right in his face... AGAIN! #BestKeptSecret"

You can see their tweets below: