WWE Main Event Recap: Cruiserweight Tag-Team Action, Heath Slater Vs. Dash Wilder

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Heath Slater and Dash Wilder make their entrances as Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness check in on commentary.

Heath Slater vs. Dash Wilder

Slater teases throwing his shirt into the crowd, Wilder strikes Slater. Wilder puts Slater's shirt around his own neck. Wilder headbutts Slater. Wilder sends Slater to the ropes, Slater strikes Wilder. Slater grabs his shirt and throws it into the crowd. Slater hits an arm drag on Wilder. Slater sends Wilder into the corner before connecting with a forearm to the face. Slater strikes Wilder several times in the corner. Wilder spikes Slater's chin on the top rope. Wilder clotheslines Slater before pinning him for a two count. Wilder stomps Slater. Wilder dropkicks Slater. Wilder pins Slater for another two count. Slater dodges an attack attempt by Wilder in the corner. Slater strikes Wilder several times. Slater connects with a knee strike on Wilder. Slater hits a neck-breaker on Wilder before pinning him for a two count. Wilder eventually hits a modified powerslam on Slater. Wilder pins Slater for a two count. Slater reverses a neck-breaker attempt into a DDT on Wilder. Slater pins Wilder for the win.

Winner: Heath Slater

A recap of Nia Jax defeating RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss with Sasha Banks at ringside on RAW is shown featuring the return of Bayley leading to Bayley being added to the RAW Women's Championship Match at No Mercy.

A video package is shown highlighting the feud between Braun Strowman and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

A video package is shown of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Lince Dorado, Mustafa Ali, Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese make their entrances.

Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Dorado and Nese start the match. They lock up. Nese kicks Dorado before slamming his head on the top turnbuckle. Dorado hits a moonsault from off the second rope on Nese. Dorado pins Nese for a two count. Dorado ducks a clothesline attempt by Nese. Dorado dropkicks Nese. Ali tags in. Ali launches Dorado into a hurricanruna on Nese. Daivari comes into the ring. Ali and Dorado hit a flapjack on Daivari. Dorado dropkicks Nese as Ali dropkick Daivari. Daivari and Nese roll out of the ring. Ali and Dorado tease a Dive to the outside as we head into a commercial break.

Dorado pins Nese for a one count as we return from the commercial break. Daivari clotheslines Dorado as the referee talks to Nese. Nese stomps Dorado. Daivari is tagged in. Daivari stomps Dorado. Daivari hits a neck-breaker on Dorado. Daivari briefly locks in a face-lock on Dorado, Dorado hits a jawbreaker on Daivari. Daivari hits a spinebuster on Dorado before pinning him for a two count. Nese is tagged in. Nese and Daivari hit a double Suplex on Dorado. Nese pins Dorado for a two count. Nese drives his hip into Dorado before sending him to the ropes. Dorado hits a Back-Handspring into a Stunner on Nese. Daivari is tagged in, as is Ali. Ali dropkicks Daivari. Ali kicks Daivari in the face. Ali hits a rolling neck-breaker on Daivari. Nese breaks up a pin attempt by Ali on Daivari. Dorado comes in and hits a spin kick on Nese. Nese and Daivari roll out of the ring. Nese kicks Dorado, prevent a Dive to the outside. Ali does a moonsault off the back of Dorado to the outside on Daivari and Nese. Ali rolls Daivari back into the ring. Nese pulls at the leg of Ali as he attempts to get back in the ring. Dorado hits a cross body from the top turnbuckle to the outside on Nese. Daivari blocks a Sunset Flip attempt by Ali and pins him for a two count while holding the ropes. Ali elbows Daivari in the face before hitting a Tornado DDT from off the second turnbuckle. Ali ascends the turnbuckle. Ali hits an Inverted 450 Splash on Daivari. Ali pins Daivari for the win.

Winners: Mustafa Ali & Lince Dorado

A recap of Roman Reigns' in-ring promo from RAW is shown to close the show.


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