Edge & Christian On Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar WWE SummerSlam Main Event, Lesnar's Schedule

On the latest episode of E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, WWE Legends Edge and Christian shared their thoughts on the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam. Notably, the seven-time WWE Tag Team Champions talked about the newly minted Universal Champion Roman Reigns being a good performer from a performer's standpoint and why Brock Lesnar's limited WWE schedule is actually beneficial.

Edge, or Hedge as pro wrestling great Pat Patterson would say, put over the SummerSlam main event and professed that the right Superstar went home with the big red belt that evening. Also, Mr. Betty Phoenix made mention of the unpredictable feel of Lesnar matches.

"I know there's the debate, 'well, Brock is barely around, he's part-time, da da da.' All of that being said, and I get it - I do - I like that the champ is there more often, and the champ works house shows, and it's better for business, it's all of those things, but Brock, his matches just feel different, man," Edge said. "As soon as you know a Brock match is coming on, there's that, 'oh, s--t! What's going to happen here?' You really have a sense of the wheels are going to come off this thing because he's going to kick them off. You never know which way it's going to go. It can start off hot and fast and you're like, 'well, this thing might end in 20 seconds.' And then, it keeps going and you can't help but watch, man. Like, they kicked that thing off with a Superman Punch and it was like, 'oh, we have another Goldberg deal.' And then, Braun comes out. I thought it dealt with that very effectively and, I mean, it was entertaining. As much as people want to say this, that, or the other, you're going to watch when he's in there. And I do think the right guy won, finally, and I think if you're going to hitch your cart, you've got to do it. And where they go from there, I have no idea. But I thought that was the way to go."

Along the lines of Edge's comment, Christian noted that Lesnar matches often have an aura of unpredictability insofar as things could break down for a shoot.

"It was a typical kind of Brock match, that you know is going to be physical; you know it's going to be hard-hitting; you have that feeling that it could come unhinged at any point in time and go off the rails. That feeling was there, but you know [the match] probably not going to last 30 minutes and that's what it was here. But do you know what? If you're going to go out there and have a show like this, it's probably best to do it that way."

Moreover, Christian said that the bout made good use of a rather unsympathetic babyface holding the Money In The Bank briefcase. The main critique from 'Captain Charisma' was that he would have preferred if the finish saw Reigns going over for the title without any distractions to detract from the big win.

"We talked before about Strowman and maybe this giant monster babyface not necessarily needing the Money In The Bank briefcase. I thought this was a good way to make sense of it, where he's like, 'I'll be waiting here for whoever wins.'" Christian added, "I just think, at this point, with all the things that have gone on with Reigns and Brock, I don't know. I felt like I would've liked to have seen Reigns win clean. He did win clean, but with kind of more [shenanigans]. Right. Yeah, I understand the thought process of it and that sort of thing, but it would've been nice to see the guy who I feel deserves it [win clean]."

On the subject of Reigns, Christian indicated that people in the know appreciate 'The Big Dog'.

"I know [Reigns] gets a lot of [internet hate] like on Twitter when we say, 'he's really good. He's deserving of the spot that he's in.' And people are like, 'no, he's not!' You tell the reasons why as a performer as a guy who [has] done this for 20 years, and then, it's like your opinion is [what it is] because you just don't like him. You don't think that he's good, but trust me, he's really f--king good in the ring."

Edge claimed that the detractors of Reigns simply do not want 'The Leader Of The Roman Empire' [or 'Roman Emperor'?] to be anointed the franchise player of WWE. Edge suggested that Reigns is just too good to be denied.

"There are people who are just like, 'I don't want him in that spot.' And I understand that, but that doesn't take away from the performer. And I think the workhorse that Vince [McMahon] sees in him too, because Vince is big on that." Edge elaborated, "you've got to have someone there who can pull it for a long time."

As for the part-time Superstar debate, 'The Rated-R Superstar' [or Rated 18 in the UK] stated that though the wrestleverse complained about Lesnar's light WWE schedule, keeping 'The Beast''s appearances sporadic also makes them more special.

"I get the people saying, '[Lesnar] is not around enough' and all those things." Edge offered, "if Brock were around every week, his matches wouldn't feel [the way Christian described] because you would get desensitized to the danger and I don't think people understand that. You always wonder what's going to happen in a Brock Lesnar match, but if you see Brock every week, it's not as special."

Christian concurred that the lustre would wear off if we saw Lesnar on Monday Night RAW every week.

"[Lesnar] is one of the very few guys who is an attraction." Christian explained, "you feel his presence whether Paul Heyman is there to help out with that or not. His presence is there, but he's a guy you don't need to see every single week. And he's one of the special few performers like that. Like [Edge] said, if you see him every week, the shine wears off, if he became a guy you saw every single week. That's my opinion. I just think that's the way you've got to use Brock because of what he is."

Edge pondered if Lesnar's attraction status means that he should have or does not need to be Universal Champion.

"On the flipside, does [Lesnar] need to be world champion [if Lesnar is best used sparingly]? Do you know what I mean?" Edge pondered, "Like, just for the rest of the business, but I get him being world champ too because it feels special - it feels different."

Christian noted that keeping the Universal title off of RAW gives WWE's flagship program a different feel from the promotion's other offerings.

"We talk about making the shows feel different, well, it feels different when the world champ isn't there every single week, as opposed to the other two shows where he is. There has to be some element of something feeling different, so you don't feel like you're watching the exact same thing on all of the shows." Christian continued, "and that's what that was."

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