Jim Ross Comments On Brian Christopher's Passing

The death of former WWE Tag Team Champion "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher Lawler particularly hits home with Hall of Famer Jim Ross. For many years, the staple duo for every episode of Monday Night Raw was JR and Brian's father, Jerry Lawler. On his podcast, The Ross Report, JR expressed his thoughts on Brian's death at only 46.

JR stated that he was confused as to why Brian was in solitary confinement despite only having a DUI charge. Unfortunately, for Brian, his rap sheet caught up to him, and he was jailed in early July.

"I never quite understood the reason for that," said Ross. "I understand getting incarcerated for a DUI, or any other crime. I get that. But, in the solitary confinement? Unless you're gonna say that it was for his own protection, I don't know."

JR echoed Jerry's sentiments that there may be more to this than meets the eye. JR also applauded the in-ring skills of Brian, calling him a "chip off the old block" and "a natural performer."

"I loved calling his matches with the King during the Attitude Era, as many as already remarked on social media," said Ross. "Because I always had fun hinting that 'Grandmaster Sexay' was the King's son. Good ole days, right? Good ole days."

The peak of Brian's career in the WWE came during an episode of Raw on May 29, 2000, where Too Cool competed against Edge & Christian for the WWE World Tag Team Championships. A melee occurred during a match with the four competitors outside of the ring. Rikishi and Joe C. walked down the aisle, and Joe C. low-blowed Christian with a hockey stick. Brian nailed Christian with the title, referee Jimmy Korderas counted the 1-2-3, and the crowd erupted.

Although sitting in the booth, Jerry Lawler had the opportunity to share this pinnacle moment with his son, as he and JR were doing commentary during the match.

If any portion of these quotes are used, please be sure to credit The Ross Report with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: The Ross Report


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