Johnny Gargano On Aleister Black (Video), Active Superstars With The Most IG Followers, WWE Stock

- As noted, tonight's WWE NXT main event will feature Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa. Above is new video of Gargano talking to Sarah Schreiber ahead of the match. Gargano says he will not let Black hit him with another Black Mass after last week.

"For the longest time "Takeover: Chicago" played itself over and over, and over, in my head, and I couldn't get it out," Gargano said. "But now there's a new picture in my mind and it's Tommaso Ciampa as NXT Champion, and that's because of me. I did that. You know, Aleister, last week you hit me with the Black Mass and I probably deserved it because I messed up, it was my fault. I'll give you one but that's it, it's not going to happen a second time."

- WWE stock was down 0.051% today, closing at $79.14 per share. Today's high was $79.44 and the low was $77.80.

- WWE posted this graphic with the top active WWE Superstars with the most Instagram followers, as of today - Ronda Rousey with 11.119 million followers, John Cena with 9.931 million, Triple H with 5.259 million, SmackDown General Manager Paige with 4.848 million and Randy Orton with 4.419 million.


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