Recently on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, pro wrestling legends Edge and Christian welcomed to the program one-half of the WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, Luke Harper. Among other things, Harper talked about how he and Bludgeon Brothers partner Eric Rowan were almost split up, why they are such a strong team, and having reservations about the mallet-wielding gimmick.

According to Harper, there was previously talk of splitting up Harper and Rowan in WWE.  

"Years ago, me and Rowan were told we're done." Harper said, "we're done being a team, we've done everything we can and we're here five years later in a whole new thing and we're Tag Team Champions, so I can't complain."

In Harper's view, he and Rowan don't "try to get their s--t in" and this makes them better performers.

"Now, this many years later, we're not worried about getting our s--t in, or who looks better, or who's going to get the [win]. We rib each other about that constantly, but deep down, I don't think we're worried about it and it helps the team get over more than an individual." Harper continued, "what WWE wants right now, they want me in a team, so here he go. Let's make it the best we can. And maybe there'll be a time when I'm not in a team and then I'll worry about that."

Apparently, Harper immediately had concerns when WWE Chairman Vince McMahon pitched the mallet gimmick for the Bludgeons.

"We were presented with this idea from Vince that, 'we want you guys to carry these giant mallets around.' Harper recalled, "and, instantly, in my head, I go, 'man, it's 2018. What are we doing?' And that lasted about a fleeting second. And then, I said, 'oh, this is f--king awesome!'"

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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness