RAW Revisited: Matt Morgan On If Braun Strowman Should Have Turned Heel, Recent Talk With Strowman

On this week's edition of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast, which airs live every Monday after RAW, former WWE / TNA star Matt Morgan, Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri and Glenn Rubenstein reviewed last night's RAW and discussed Braun Strowman's heel turn. You can check out that part of the discussion below:

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Morgan: Braun Strowman was in my gym this past week, and I was congratulating him and telling him that he has figured out the hardest thing in 'Wrestling Big Man 101,' which is to figure out how to get empathy as as babyface, or better yet let's throw it out the window. Get over as a babyface. You have done the impossible, bro. Keep going. He responds with, 'Oh man, the old man [Vince McMahon] has got big plans. I don't know what they are but you know that they are big, so I will keep taking what they give me and just keep trying to knock it out of the park.'

He is a very humble person, but make no mistake, he was in this babyface swing, I swear to you, this past Friday, like literally 3-4 days ago. I don't know; maybe they threw this thing at him last second too, but the goal is from his own mouth was to hopefully get him and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

His elbow is screwed up by the way. I thought I would give you guys an update. His elbow is screwed up. He was in the gym lifting with this huge elbow pad and I was asking him why he was lifting if he was hurt? He said that he has had this since about 3 months when Big Show had landed on it off the top ropes and landed on Braun's arm; normal men would have broken their arm.

Raj: Big Show? That would have been since last September because Big Show has been out [since then].

Morgan: That is how long he has been working with his injury. Homeboy has been working with the injury on top of this.

Raj: What they did here is different. Like I said, they need heels. I know Braun is still over as a babyface, and now may not be the right time to do it but maybe they are just desperate I guess.

Morgan: It doesn't make sense. There must be something that we are missing here. You don't come this far and not put the title on him as a babyface, no way dude.

Raj: I think in their eyes it is more important to have Roman Reigns as the big babyface instead of Braun Strowman. Like you pointed out, Braun gets cheered and everything but he doesn't really move merchandise or things like that.

Morgan: With two shirts he doesn't, but I am judging off of the reaction that I see on television. Who is going to get a bigger babyface reaction? It is Braun Strowman. He has rightfully deserved it. He has rightfully earned that spot, so I don't get what the confusion is. Maybe they are being stubborn about Roman Reigns needing to remain as the top babyface, but it's like, God damn, stay out of your own way guys. Roman Reigns needs to be a heel. Is it possible for Braun to be a heel just for this match and then return as a babyface?

Raj: I mean, he can easily turn. He can turn at any time. It's like The Undertaker. Undertaker when he was feuding with Steve Austin during the summer [of '98] was going back and forth a lot, which is what I can see with Braun Strowman eventually going back to becoming a babyface.

Morgan: I'm telling you - he is really solid. The hardest thing in big man wrestling to pull off, an authentic babyface reaction is hard to do. I am being serious. We don't look like the fans. Fans want to get a superhero to look like a superhero, but has to be someone they can relate to. How can you relate to someone who is 7 feet tall and almost 350 lbs? They can't relate to him, so therefore there is this built-in heat among the fans where he looks like a bully, but it's a natural built in reaction, so for him to pull this off I hate that they are throwing this away. I just don't like it.

You can watch the full podcast in the video above, or listen to it in the audio player below.

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