Here are quick **SPOILER** results for tonight's WWE RAW telecast. The show was taped from England earlier this afternoon. Thanks to Justin Angelo for texting the following RAW results. Justin plans on texting us tomorrow from the SmackDown!/NXT tapings as well so be sure to check back around 3EST tomorrow for spoilers!

Dark Match:

William Regal defeated Alex Riley. Regal got a major pop and won the match with a knee to the face in roughly five minutes.

WWE Monday Night RAW (Airing Tonight):

The RAW intro airs and John Cena is in the ring. He calls out Wade Barrett. Barrett said that tonight will be a party but has to deal with Nexus invading SmackDown!. There was a loud "Who are you" chant at David Otunga.

John Cena-Nexus go back and forth until Barrett tells John Cena to announce him as WWE Champion. This brings out Randy Orton. The GM rings in at some point and announces that the Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett match at Survivor Series will be a Submissions match.

The GM also announces that we'll have Team Barrett vs. Team Orton tonight on RAW. John Cena will be the special guest ref. and the GM will hand pick Team Orton.

The Bella Twins & Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Tamina in a Divas Cup will take place next. The Bella Twins and Eve pick up the win here when the Bella Twins switched places during the match.

A backstage segment with The Nexus airs.

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Uso Brothers is up next! DH Smith tries to walk out during the match but Natalya stops him. The Usos picked up the win here via the 'snuka splash'.

'Tea Time' w/ Santino Marella will take place later tonight. The guest is Sheamus.

David Otunga vs. John Cena is announced for later tonight.

They did the 'sign of the night' during the commercial break. They also announced an old-school RAW.

Randy Orton cuts a promo. The Miz walks in and reveals that he is on Team Orton.

Goldust vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. is up next! Maryse tries to steal the million dollar belt during the match. Goldusts' NXT Rookie Aksana steals it back and Goldust picks up the win.

John Cena vs. David Otunga is up next. The rest of Nexus leaves ringside during the match. John Cena picks up the win after an AA and STF.

'Tea Time' with Santino Marella and Sheamus is up next.

It is announced that the Nexus will appear on SmackDown! this week. David Otunga will face Edge. If Otunga loses, he's gone from Nexus.

Santino does his 'Tea Time' segment with Sheamus. He basically just tears Sheamus a new one, trashes his look, etc. etc. The crowd loved the comedy and the segment was said to have been super-over live. The GM rings in at some point and sets up Sheamus vs. Santino for right now.

Sheamus defeated Santino via DQ. Post-match had John Morrison coming out to make the save.

A backstage segment with John Cena and Wade Barrett airs. Barrett promises the Nexus will leave Cena alone if he wins at Survivor Series.

Team Orton is Randy Orton, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, and The Miz. They are facing the Nexus right now in the RAW main event. The Nexus picked up the win here as The Miz turned his back on Team Orton.

Post-RAW Dark Match (Not Airing):

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus. Randy Orton picks up the win after multiple RKO's on Barrett and Sheamus to send the crowd home happy.

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