Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

Sting sends Knux into Garett in the corner and hits them both with a Stinger Splash. Another Stinger Splash to Wes in the opposite corner. Joe with a rear naked choke on Wes who taps.

Winners by submission: MEM

Taz can't believe it and hopes Bully will fix all this. MEM leaves to the back as Wes lies on the mat. Bully and Brooke come to the ring. Wes struggles to his feet and turns around the see Bully. Bully grabs a mic and says, "What did I tell you?" He says Wes tapped and he is a disgrace to his colors. He demands Wes hand over his cut. Knux and Garett get in the ring beside Wes. Wes shakes his head no. (I think Wes and Hulk tan together. They are equally orange.) Bully demands that Knux and Garett rip Wes' cut off. They don't and Bully takes Wes' head off with a clothesline. Bully screams at Knux and Garett and asks where their balls are (off mic.) Bully hits a brutal piledriver on Wes. (Wow!) Bully demands his cut be ripped off or he will do it again. Knux and Garett reluctantly take off the vest and Bully makes Knux be the one to hand it over.

Knux is hesitant. Bully asks if he is going to listen to him or the fans. Knux reluctantly hands the vest to Bully as the crowd chants, "No!" (I described last week's piledriver on the stage as careful and deliberate. This one was much more forceful and traditional. Bully's grip actually slipped a little as he went to grab Wes on his vest and Wes "jumped" a little early to assist. TNA is playing with fire here.)

- Hulk Hogan is in the ring with a clipboard. He welcomes AJ Styles to the ring. AJ comes out in his hood and to his "lone wolf" music. The music changes but AJ just slowly pulls the hood back and saunters into the ring. Hulk has a contract for AJ to sign because he can't have a TNA Champion without a contract. AJ takes the clipboard and the noise is actually deafening. (Good crowd tonight in Little Rock.) AJ signs the contract and tells Hogan, "I'm yours."

Dixie interrupts to boos. She speaks but is drowned out by "Dixie Sucks" chants. (This is the reaction Stephanie McMahon should be getting but that is another book to write.) Dixie tells Hogan the reason she brought him to TNA was to open doors and he has done that and she is grateful. She says Hogan is just an employee though. She mocks AJ's accent about making her get on her knees and beg and she says he is dreaming. Dixie tears up the contract.

AJ starts to speak about how she just made the biggest mistake. Dixie snaps and screams at AJ to get out of her ring. AJ leaves. Hogan asks her if she hears what is going on out here. Dixie says they don't understand. She says 99% of the fans don't live in her world and don't have to make the heart-wrenching decisions she has to make. She says we need her. She says the 1% creates the world we live in. Dixie tells Hogan she wishes he had run this by her and chalks it up to a lapse in his judgment. Hulk looks absolutely flabbergasted.

Dixie tells Hogan he knows the hard decisions that have to be made to make TNA a success. She says Hogan has a decision to make. Will he be on Team Dixie or watch from the sidelines like AJ? She strokes his extensions under his bandana and says she will give him a week and she knows he will make the right decision. Dixie leaves the ring and Hogan is frozen in utter disbelief. (Not a bad little segment. I will hold out judgment to see how it plays out but it certainly wasn't a train wreck. Dixie actually kind of pulled it off nicely. She was believable and seemed to tap into some real emotions.)

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