Injured List

  • Anna Jay
    Injury Status: Shoulder injury during training (February 2021). Required surgery. Out 6-12 months.
  • Arturo Ruas
    Injury Status: Sustained arm injury in November 2020. Underwent surgery in December. Return date unknown.
  • Bayley
    Injury Status: Torn ACL (7/9/21). Out for up to nine months.
  • Brandi Rhodes
    Injury Status: Announced pregnancy on December 16.
  • Curt Stallion
    Injury Status: Fracture left wrist while training (March 2021). Requires surgery. Return date is unknown.
  • Danny Burch
    Injury Status: Separated shoulder on NXT (March 17, 2021). Return date unknown.
  • Eric Young
    Injury Status: Torn ACL (March 2021). Out six to nine months.
  • Fenix
    Injury Status: Groin injury (June 5, 2021). Out for about a month.
  • Heath
    Injury Status: Two hernias and a torn abductor's muscle at Impact Bound for Glory. Surgery on March 1. Return date unknown.
  • John Silver
    Injury Status: Injured shoulder on Dynamite (3/24/21). Out 4-6 weeks.
  • Kacy Catanzaro
    Injury Status: Partial LCL tear (March 2021). Return date unknown.
  • Karen Q
    Injury Status: Broken leg in July 2019. Surgery on July 31 (second one on February 5). Return date unknown.
  • Katsuyori Shibata
    Injury Status: Subdural hematoma at NJPW Sakura Genesis in 2017. Has had some in-ring activity.
  • Kelly Klein
    Injury Status: Concussion issues since summer 2019. Return date unknown.
  • Kip Sabian
    Injury Status: Surgery on arm (May 17). Hasn't wrestled since March 24. Return date unknown.
  • Kona Reeves
    Injury Status: Surgery for torn labrum (shoulder) in March 2020. Return date unknown.
  • Lacey Evans
    Injury Status: Out due to pregnancy (February 2021).
  • Mercedes Martinez
    Injury Status: Concussion (6/29/21). Return date unknown.
  • Montez Ford
    Injury Status: Underwent voluntary surgery (Late June 2021). Return date unknown.
  • Rebel
    Injury Status: Dislocated kneecap on Dynamite (6/30/21). Return date unknown.
  • Riddick Moss
    Injury Status: Torn ACL in August 2020. Return Date Unknown.
  • Ridge Holland
    Injury Status: Ankle dislocation/fracture, right knee patellar dislocation, patellar tendon rupture in October 2020
  • Sunil Singh
    Injury Status: Dislocated right shoulder (6/11/21). Return date unknown.
  • The Miz
    Injury Status: Knee injury (WM Backlash). Miz says out for a "little bit of time." Return date unknown.
  • TK O’Ryan
    Injury Status: Out with multiple concussions. Return date unknown.
  • Trent
    Injury Status: Neck fusion surgery (6/26/21). Return date unknown.
  • Will Ospreay
    Injury Status: Neck injury (May 20, 2021). Return date unknown.
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