Matt Hardy Blogs On Paul London's Comments, Internet Journalists

Matt Hardy has updated his Myspace blog and discussed (presumbly) Paul London's nasty comments towards him and internet reporters.

I watched the new Friday the 13th tonight with a bunch of friends-LOVED IT! I've always been a Jason fan, but the new take on Jason was very cool and up to date. If you're a fan of the old Friday the 13th movies, I highly recommend you catch the new one.

I don't hate or dislike the "internet journalist." Some of these guys have a good grasp on our business. Unfortunately several of them don't. Although I realize in actuality they are some of the biggest fans of our industry. And I do appreciate that. But like any other type of media, they often present their opinions and perspectives as facts, and their "facts" are frequently incorrect and wrong. It's the nature of the beast.

To my hooligan friend-I actually appreciate when crazy, bitter people give me free publicity by addressing me in interviews that are supposed to be about them. Where I'm currently at now in my career, believe it or not, it actually helps promote the Matt Hardy you see on TV. So thanks. Thanks for giving the Black Cloud image credibility. I know you've probably got some more interviews coming up, so please, keep on ranting and raving and promoting me. It certainly doesn't hurt my feelings or my paychecks. Especially when almost 100% of your comments are about nonsensical events and stories that never really happened. But I guess that's what people that are mentally and emotionally unstable do. It's really sad actually-when seemingly normal people that are so physically gifted can never capitalize on their talents because they're psychopaths.

It's a big weekend in the WWE-No Way Out. Two Elimination Chamber matches are happening Sunday, I'll be watching close.

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