Thanks to reader Justin Taylor for sending in these results from Tuesday's WWE television tapings from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina:

Dark Match
* Ted Dibiase defeated Corey Graves

WWE SmackDown
* The show opened with Sheamus and World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show signing a "no-contact" clause until TLC.

* The Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan with a chokeslam from the top rope. The Shield appears and beats down Bryan. Kane comes out for the save, but The Shield gets the advantage and triple power bombs Kane through the announce table.

* There was a segment done with Damien Sandow and an apprentice. The apprentice failed. The Miz came out and ripped Sandow.

* 3MB defeated Brodus Clay and The Usos. Drew McIntyre hit the future shock DDT on one of the Uso's for the pinfall.

* Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett with an RKO after Kofi Kingston, who was at ringside on commentary, distracted Barrett.

* The Great Khali (w/ Natalya) & Hornswoggle defeated Epico & Primo (w/ Rosa Mendes).

* There was a segment with Antonio Cesaro and R-Truth. The segment ended after Truth attacked Cesaro. Cesaro retreated the belt was left in the ring with R-Truth. It is announced that Truth will face Cesaro at TLC.

* Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio by submission with the Texas cloverleaf. The Big Show was on the stage for most of the match. After the match was over, Big Show came in and dared Sheamus to hit him. Sheamus threw Ricardo Rodrigues into The Big Show's crotch. The show ended with Sheamus celebrating.

Dark Match

* After Smackdown ended, Sheamus and Show were in each other's faces so Booker T came out and put a hold on the "no-contact" rule since the fans wanted to see them go at it. Sheamus defeated The Big Show after Show pulled the referee in the way. Show got a chair, but Sheamus was able to secure it and nailed Big Show with it. Sheamus then planted Big Show with a Brogue Kick to end the show.

Justin Taylor and @stealintheshow contributed to this article.