Spoilers: WWE NXT Results For Tonight

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* Emma defeated Australian women's wrestler Shazza McKenzie by submission.

* Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defeated Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. Gable and Jordan got a huge pop and were like "made men" in the NXT arena. Fans sung their their names to the tune of Kurt Angle's theme song and chanted "let's go Gable, Johnny wrestling." Gable and Jordan won a great match with the Assistplex.

* Nia Jax defeated Kay Lee Ray from Scotland with a slam.

* The Mechanics attack Enzo and Big Cass, beating them down. They do an injury angle with Cass as doctors come check on him in the ring. This was clearly an angle as The Mechanics pulled his brace off and worked the knee over when they first attacked him.

* Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Breeze is next. This match had some amazing nearfalls with Breeze almost stealing wins. Joe won by submission.

* NXT Champion Finn Balor defeated Tye Dillinger in a great match with the Coup de Grace.


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