Yesterday we asked which of tonight's Elimination Chamber matches interest you the most and not surprisingly it came down to the two chamber matches. The men's match just barely won, mainly because the match itself should be really good, despite the perception of the finish being predictable with Roman Reigns winning. The Women's Elimination Chamber received plenty of votes since it's the first time we're seeing it and the winner isn't quite as clear. Fair to say interest is low for this PPV with many of you not even picking a match.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

"The Men's Elimination Chamber match. Even with predictable winner it will be the match of the night."

Butters Stotch:
"I'm really looking forward to the barn-burner between The Club and The Miztourage. I think that'll be a show-stealing classic."

"How come "None of the above' is not an option for 'Which match are you most interested in?'"

Mark Schoeman:
"Men's Elimination Chamber because if you just watch the fiction, rather than be preoccupied with backstage, fantasy booking, and results. Monday night set the table for a great story, with 2 co-favorites (Braun and Rollins), a long shot favorite (Balor), underdogs (yeah...Raw set up Reigns and Cena to be just that), a heel at a disadvantage (Miz) who usually finds shortcuts to get an upper hand, and a heel (Elias) sitting in the cat bird's seat, ready to pounce on damaged goods."

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