Being The Elite (Episode 117): "All In" Opponents Face-Off, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, Young Bucks

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* Marty Scurll talks about how people keep saying he has no chance at beating Okada. He says people said the same thing when he first wanted to become a wrestler and look where he is now. Scurll continues that he's not a joke, he's an angry villain, and knows deep down that he can beat Okada! Scurll is really jacked up at the end of his promo as the camera pans away into the room next door where Matt Jackson is sitting, "Who the hell is Marty talking to?"

* Cody Rhodes gives some last minute advice to Stephen Amell. Rhodes says he kind of wishes Amell didn't pick Daniels as his first singles opponent. Amell says Daniels picked himself at a previous ROH event in San Antonio. Daniels suddenly shows up on the opposite side of the ring and offers up to start off things in the ring now, but Amell wants him to wait for the show. Amell gets really serious and tell Daniels, "Don't be surprised if my first singles victory is your last match." Daniels busts out laughing and didn't realize Amell is auditioning for comedies now and heads off.

* The Young Bucks, Adam Page, and Scurll went to a steakhouse in Atlantic City, they were recognized and asked to sign a plate that will be hung up on the wall with other celebrities who have ate there.

* The guys show of the "All In" trading card set with Flip Gordon in the set! Page still isn't wearing any shoes.

* The Bullet Club does a fan signing, some bring some Mario/Luigi dolls for The Young Bucks. Page's "All In" opponent, Joey Janela, shows up and jabs his hand with a pen.

* Rey Mysterio cuts a promo for "All In" then talks about doing his upcoming match as a "favor" to Cody Rhodes. Mysterio rips on The Elite.

* SCU trains like Rocky did in Philadelphia by running up the same steps that were in the film.

* The Young Bucks bump into Jay Lethal who says he's feeling much better these days. Previously, when he got touched he'd go into his Macho Man impression. Lethal goes to talk about his traveling for the show and in his suitcase is Macho Man gear, he rubs his eyes, and then it's his own gear.

* Rhodes talks with Chico who says The Young Bucks said he could put some of his family in the Battle Royale. Chico named off of a list of people, but Cody had to say no. In the background a video is playing of a ring/stage setup, it had NJPW G1 Climax on the video screens so that may or may not be the "All In" venue.

* Back to Jay Lethal who's washing his face with water. He looks up and sees his "Black Machoismo" gimmick who says he's taking that "All In" spot because without him Lethal would be nothing. Lethal yells in frustration.

* Page, Scurll, and The Young Bucks check out a Hot Topic to see which shirts of theirs are there.

* At another fan signing, Page is given some new boots from a fan.

* At the latest ROH taping, Cody talks about the gentleman's bet he made with Dave Meltzer who initially said a non-WWE show couldn't draw 10,000 fans. He talks about the convention (sold 5,000 tickets) and WGN America getting involved. Cody says "WWE is wonderful, but they do not own wrestling, all of us own pro wrestling!" He then points to the other Bullet Club members, saying each of them are "All In," pauses on the camera man (who is Flip Gordon) and doesn't say anything. Video ends with an "All In" chant from the crowd.

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