Bullet Club OG Members Get Tossed From NJPW G1 Climax Show (Video), Finn Balor Comments

As noted, NJPW announced if any Bullet Club OG members (Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale, and Tonga Loa) get involved in any of today's G1 Climax B Block matches they would be suspended for three months and fined. During Tonga's G1 match against Toru Yano both Loa and Fale headed out to the ring, but ended up getting cut off by referees, young lions, officials, and even NJPW President Harold Meij.

In the video above you can see the trio was sent completely out of the building and into a car, which was then driven away from the venue. Before driving off, Tonga yelled, "This ain't the last you've seen of me! Your rules are imaginary!" At this point in the show there were still four tournament matches to go, so obviously the group wouldn't be interfering in any of them.

Since then, Fale was none too happy he was removed from the show calling it disrespectful.

When NJPW's initial announcement came out, Tonga joked that he was "all about a three month vacation."

WWE Superstar and former Bullet Club leader (May 2013-April 2014), Finn Balor offered Brooklyn as a summer vacation destination, which is also where SummerSlam will be taking place next Sunday. Tonga responded, "The whole gang is [invited]" showing an old photo of the group.


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