Hurricane Helms Discusses How His Surprise WWE Royal Rumble Appearance Happened

Shane Helms returned to WWE for a one-off appearance as he entered the 2018 Royal Rumble match. Fans were excited to see The Hurricane make a short return, and he recently spoke to Chair Shots To The Cranium about how this appearance came about.

Never to avoid social commentary, Helms made a remark about the fact that WWE needed a Cruiserweight Champion after Enzo Amore's unceremonious exit from the company. This sparked many fans to comment on the possibility of standing back because The Hurricane is coming once more.

"There have been talks before about doing a surprise for the Royal Rumble," Helms said. "But I was with a different company or injured or something like that. It just wasn't the right time before. This time it was just the right time.

"They wanted a surprise. I had posted an Instagram picture -- and this is how social media can be used in a really wonderful way -- I posted a picture of the WCW Cruiserweight Title, which I still have and a replica of the WWE Cruiserweight Title. This was around the time when Enzo Amore got fired so they didn't have a champion. So I put a picture up of the belts and said, 'hey WWE I know a guy.'"

He said he was just trying to be funny with his social media post, but it still went viral at a time when WWE was looking for names to invite for a Royal Rumble guest appearance. Helms credited his Instagram post to his Royal Rumble cameo and said he had a wonderful time getting to come back for a one-night deal.

Helms has worked with plenty of the top names in pro wrestling history, including Kane. The team Hurri-Kane captured the WWE Tag Team Championships on September 23, 2002, by defeating Christian and Lance Storm. The team would lose their titles twenty-one days later to Christian and Chris Jericho, but their run was still a huge moment on Raw.

Helms acknowledged how intelligent Kane is which only adds to how dangerous he can be. The Hurricane spoke about Kane and said his career might not have received the credit it deserves. Being The Undertaker's storyline brother can be a distracting aspect to a character, but Kane's career has withstood many events in and out of the ring.

"He's a mayor now!" Helms exclaimed when The Big Red Machine's name was mentioned. "He is a super intelligent guy which makes him even scarier. Because when you're little you want the big guys to be dumb so at least you got an advantage over them, not with Kane.

"So I think he has a really uncredited career as far as longevity. He's really up there, you know. I think because of his association with The Undertaker, sometimes that casts a little bit of a shadown but that's really not fair to him. He's one of the best big men that's ever done it."

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