Impact Wrestling Results (8/2): Pentagon Jr And Fenix Vs OVE, Austin Aries In Action

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- On last week's episode: The fallout from Slammiversary took place as Eddie Edwards made his desire for Austin Aries' Impact World Championship known. Taiji Ishimori defeated Petey Williams, Tessa Blanchard bested Rebel, and Scarlette Bordeaux made her debut. Johnny Impact is back and Brian Cage defeated Matt Sydal in a Slammiversary rematch for the X Division Title.

Su Yung and an Undead Bridesmaid vs Kiera Hogan and Allie

Kiera and Allie started taking out Bridesmaids as the blocked the ramp and then the match got started. Hogan hit a dive on the Bridesmaid as the other Undead Bridesmaids started to surround her. Allie hit a dive on the pack of Bridesmaids before coming in to double-team Su Yung with Hogan.

The Bridesmaid got the tag and hit Hogan from behind before throwing her across the ring. Yung got the tag after Hogan was softened up to continue the assault before the Bridesmaid took another tag. Hogan fought back and hit a dropkick to the Bridesmaid's face before both Allie and Su took tags and Allie took control.

Allie went for a codebreaker but Su threw her down instead then Allie hit The Best Superkick Ever for a two count until the Bridesmaid broke up the pin. Su hit a Panic Switch on Hogan and Allie nailed a codebreaker on Su for the win.

Winners: Allie and Kiera Hogan

Allie had little time to celebrate because Tessan Blanchard jumped in the ring and nail Allie with a hammerlock DDT to lay her out.

-Tessa cut a promo backstage on Allie saying if Allie thinks she is going to get a Knockouts Championship shot before her, then she is sadly mistaken.

The OGz vs Nathan Stokes and Ray Steel

The OGz came to the ring with LAX's Impact World Tag Team Titles with them. They made very quick work of their opponents.

Winners: The OGz

-After the match, King cut a promo on Konnan and LAX. He encouraged the crowd to chant for LAX and said the OGz are the streets as LAX rushed the ring with Konnan walking behind them.

They jumped the OGz and tossed them both out of the ring before Santana hit a splash on everyone on the outside while Ortiz grabbed an ax and wanted to chop King in the head. Suddenly, security rushed the ring and LAX took them out one by one, as Konnan led his team away, the OGz were ready to keep fighting. Due to the fracas, LAX forgot to retrieve their stolen titles.

- LAX's anger continued backstage as Konnan tried to calm them down saying it was a setup and they played into it. Konnan said when they're done everyone will kiss the ring.

- They plugged The Young Bucks vs LAX during Chris Jericho's Rock n Wrestling Rager at Sea.

- Then they played a GWN flashback of Jushin Thunder Liger vs Petey Williams from Sacrifice 2006.

- Sami Callihan and oVe cut a promo backstage about revenge against The Lucha Brothers.

Desi Hit Squad vs KM and Fallah Bahh

Let's see if KM could teach Bahh how to be a bad guy since last week. It didn't take long before Bahh hit a splash on both members of the Desi Hit Squad followed by even more running splashes as well.

KM took the tag and it didn't take long before Bahh was back in the match calling for a splash off the top. Gama Singh distracted Bahh and then Desi Hit Squad double teamed Bahh for a bit until Fallah hit a Samoan Drop and Rohit and Ball crawled to their corners.

Once he got in the match, KM crushed both members of Desi Hit Squad. Fallah did a Panda Roll and then a KM did a KM Roll on DHS before Bahh hit a couple thumbs to the eye and KM had some miscommunication about when he should distract the referee giving Desi Hit Squad the chance to win the match.

Winners: Desi Hit Squad

- Austin Aries cut a promo saying he wasn't worried about his trainee opponent tonight.

- Johnny Impact did an interview backstage on Kongo Kong with Jimmy Jacobs walked up and tried to smart off to him. Impact slugged Jacobs in the face and left him laying there holding jaw. Impact wants the monster and nobody else.

Austin Aries vs Dustin Cameron

Anthony Carelli FKA Santino Marella led his trainee Cameron to the ring. Aries walked to the ring in street clothes while eating a banana.

Aries took his time and chopped his opponent before walking around the ring. Carelli was at ringside trying to coach his student and suddenly, Cameron hit a couple judo tosses on Aries. The crowd chanted Battle Arts (which is Carelli's school). Aries applauded the student before laying in a forearm and then he hit a brainbuster for the pin... but he pulled up Cameron's head before the three count.

A Double got Cameron in position for another brainbuster before Carelli jumped on the apron and threw in the towel.

Winner: Austin Aries

Aries locked on the Last Chancery before Carelli got in his face. Aries took his shirt off and offered for Carelli to punch him. He turned his baseball cap backward and acted like he was going to punch Aries, then he kicked him in the crotch instead.

Aries left looking upset and suddenly, Eddie Edwards was behind the champion with a kendo stick. Edwards nailed Aries with the kendo stick and held it in his teeth while the segment closed. Next week we will see Austin Aries vs Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship.

- Alisha was backstage and said she was ready to focus on the Knockouts when Eddie Edwards walked in and said everything is about to change beause he'll be Impact World Champion next week after he beats Aries. She said she can't even deal with him right now and left.

- Scarlett Bordeaux came out in a red dress this time and she had a fan on her while striking some poses on the ramp. She called her interviewer Bobo because that's all he could get out since he was so excited to be in Bordeaux's presence. She said this is the way God made her and she will not be hot shamed.

She said men around here aren't used to seeing a woman like her, but The Smoke Show is here to make wrestling sexy again. Then she danced to her own music a little bit before leaving.

- Grado, Katarina, and Joe Hendry were backstage and Grado didn't seem happy. He approached Eli Drake and told him the gift he gave him last week sucked. Then he challenged Drake to a tag team match, but since Drake can't find a partner, then they win. Drake grabbed both Konley and Lee saying it doesn't care who his partner is, they'll have a match now.

Grado and Joe Hendry vs Eli Drake and Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee

Trevor and Caleb started out by putting the boots to Grado after Hendry was sent outside. Drake hit a neckbreaker on Grado once the match got started and continued to apply more stomps to him. Drake didn't tag anyone in as he continued to pick away at Grado. Hendry didn't seem too eager to make a tag either.

Grado came back with some punches and a backdrop, but when he tried to get to the ropes, Lee attempted to pull Hendry down so Katarina got in Lee's face. Hendry pulled Katarina back which distracted Grado. Then Drake hit the Gravy Train for the win.

Winners: Eli Drake, Trevor Lee, and Caleb Konley

- The Desi Hit Squad were very happy about their win until Gama Singh walked in and slapped them. His training is rather harsh.

- Matt Sydal had a promo about how much losing the X Division Title meant to him.

oVe vs Pentagon Jr. and Fenix

Callihan was still in a sling to sell Penta's arm break. Fenix was lifted up by Penta on the ramp from the jump to kick both oVe members down. Dave and Jake soon hit dives of their own on the Lucha Brothers while Callihan tried to get an oVe chant going.

Dave picked up Fenix while Jake worked on Penta on the outside. Jake tried to pull off Pentagon Jr's mask again before launching Fenix into the guardrail once again. Penta took a bump into the guardrail from Dave as well.

Fenix took a bump off the steel ring post then suddenly, the Lucha Brothers sent oVe into each other. Then Fenix and Penta jumped in the ring to hit a double dive on both of them.

The action returned to the ring and Penta nailed a chop on Dave's bare chest before Fenix took the tag to do the same. They both hit kicks to Dave's head before launching him into the corner for another kick from Fenix. They wheel-barreled Penta into Jake as he laid in the corner.

Jake hit a couple kicks to Penta's head and Fenix got one as well. Jake hit a side Russain leg sweep on Fenix before turning into a crucifix submission. Jake kept Fenix from tagging Penta by trying to pull off Fenix's mask for a bit before tagging in Dave.

Jake tagged back in and tried to tear at the eyehole in Fenix's mask once again before Dave got the tag once again. Penta was upset and tried to get in which provided a referee distraction so Dave could pull at Fenix's mask next.

Dave lured Penta into the ring and then Dave tied the Lucha Brothers' masks together so oVe could hit superkicks. As the referee tried to untie the luchadors, oVe continued to punish their opponents. oVe hit a spike piledriver with Dave jumping off the top rope with a doublestomp to cause more damage. 1-2- kick out!

Fenix and Penta came alive and hit Dave with a spike package piledriver of their own. Fenix hit a dive on Sami Callihan on the outside while Penta pinned for a close two count. After getting rid of oVe once again, Pentagon hit the Fear Factor package piledriver with Fenix assisting with a springboard stomp. As Fenix hit another dive on Callihan, Pentagon pinned for the three count.

Winners: Pentagon Jr. and Fenix


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