Impact Wrestling Results (8/16): LAX Vs OGz In Street Fight, Sami Callihan Vs Fenix

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- On last week's episode: The Desi Hit Squad suffered defeat at the hands of Petey Williams and Taiji Ishimori. Tessa Blanchard defeated Alisha Edwards and Pentagon Jr. won a hard-fought match over Matt Sydal. Plenty of groundwork was laid for a great show this week and Austin Aries retained the Impact Wrestling World Title over Eddie Edwards in an action-packed main event.

- On this week's episode: Scarlett Bordeaux premieres The Smoke Show, LAX battles the OGz in a literal street fight, Johnny Impact will get his hands on Jimmy Jacobs, and there is even more story to tell between Austin Aries and Killer Kross. Also, Sami Callihan vs Fenix, Su Yung vs Allie, and Eli Drake vs Joe Hendry.

- Impact Wrestling started this week with a simple memorial for Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart using a black screen and white text.

Sami Callihan vs Fenix

Callihan started things out with a kick to Fenix's face, but Fenix came back with a head scissors and a dropkick. The crowd chanted "Lucha" as Callihan took a chop and springboard armdrag out of the ring, kicking Jake Crist off the apron in the process. Fenix hit a dive on all three members of oVe and quickly followed up with a Swanton bomb from the top rope when they returned to the ring.

Fenix chopped away at Callihan and Jake distracted him giving Callihan a chance to drop Fenix on his head for a two count. Callihan applied a headlock and hit a clothesline that turned Fenix inside out. Sami tossed Fenix out of the ring and played chopped him across the crest. Sami covered for a one-count when they returned to the ring. Sami distracted the referee while Jake Crist choked Fenix before Callihan applied a stretching submission. The crowd chanted "Ohio sucks" as Callihan pinned for a two count and applied a modified chokehold.

Calihan mounted Fenix and rained punches down on him before getting another submission. Fenix fought out, but Callihan shoved him to the stage from the top rope. Callihan tried to hit a powerbomb on the stage but Fenix countered and hit a handspring cutter on the stage instead. Sami got back in the ring and Fenix ran off the stage and hit a twisting cutter for a close two count.

Fenix and Callihan traded some more shots until Callihan hit a boot and a piledriver, but he didn't let the referee count to three before flipping Fenix over into a submission which he transitioned into a chokehold and a crossface until Fenix got his foot on the ropes. The crowd was chanting "fight forever" as Callahan pulled the tape off his wrists and threw it out to oVe.

Fenix hit a forearm while Sami was on the top rope and then Fenix went on the stage and ran to hit a springboard rana on Callihan that sent him crashing to the mat. Callihan shoved his thumbs in Fenix's eyes and spit on the referee before Fenix countered and nailed a kick to the head for a two-count. oVe held Fenix while he was on the top rope and then Pentagon Jr ran down to stop them. Then Fenix won the match to conclude a fantastic opening match.

Winner: Fenix

- Backstage it was announced that Fenix will face Brian Cage in two weeks for the X Division Championship at ReDefined.

- They played a GWN throwback moment where chaos ensued in the Impact Zone and everyone brawled all over the place.

- Allie cut a promo about her match with Su Yung. She made a promise and she intends to keep it by beating Su Yung for Madison Rayne and others that Yung has tormented in the past.

Johnny Impact vs Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs cut a promo before the match saying just because he's a princess and a good guy doesn't mean he's not soft and incapable of doing bad things. Jacobs said he might be a princess and a good guy, but tonight he's the monster. Kongo Kong attacked Impact as he made his entrance and continued his assault as Jacobs sat on the turnbuckle laughing.

After Kong was done with Impact, he tossed him in the ring. Jacobs had the referee ring the bell and he made the cover, but Impact kicked out at two. Jacobs' punches weren't working on Impact so Kong ran in the ring and hit a slam to cause the referee to call for a DQ.

Winner: Johnny Impact

Kong and Jacobs went and retrieved the steel ring steps and prepared for something devastating for Impact. Johnny fought Kong off, but Kongo hit a backdrop into the ring. Impact hit a dropkick on Kong and then he nailed a springboard DDT on the stage. Jacobs hit Impact with a chair, but The Mayor Of Slamtown no-sold it.

Impact chased Jacobs in the ring and then around the ramp causing Jimmy to back up and beg off. Jacobs tried to hide, but Impact found him and almost took his head off with a kick before he picked up the stairs and rocked Jimmy Jacobs in the head with the steps. The Zombie Princess looked like he was taking a nap while Impact's music played off the segment.

The Smoke Show

KM and Fallah Bahh said they were supposed to have a date with the same person. Suddenly Scarlett was there and KM tried to sit next to her. She didn't like the champagne he brought, and then she asked them whey they're fighting.

Scarlett had her own interesting way of counseling and KM said he's from Brooklyn New York and he's seen her type before. He said nobody could pay him all the gold in China before he would date her. She shut him up quickly and then he tried to tongue kiss her, but she used her power of seduction to avoid that. Before leaving, Fallah looked at Scarlett and said, "Bahh." She slapped him and said, "that's disgusting!" What does Bahh mean?

-Austin Aries went to the ring and said it's a great day to be great. He talked about beating Eddie Edwards last week. He said a lot of people have asked why Killer Kross came down to help him and Aries said unlike some people in this business he can speak for himself. Then Aries introduced "my insurance policy."

Kross said there will be a change whether people love it they hate it and "everybody pays the toll." Aries said if you cross the champ, you get "Krossed out." He said one man can only change so much and he's only as good as the people he surrounds himself with and that's why he picked Kross because he's unstoppable.

As they were leaving, Eddie Edwards showed up with a kendo stick and he backed Kross and Aries into the ring. Edwards whacked Kross with the kendo stick time and time again and then Eddie hit a cutter on him. Aries wanted to talk about things as Kross grabbed Aries' ankle and Aries hit Eddie. Kross got his Cross Jacket Choke on Edwards and then he went to sleep. Aries and Killer Kross posed over Eddie Edwards to close out the segment.

Eli Drake vs Joe Hendry

Hendry and Drake wrestled around a bit as Hendry wrenched on Drake's arm, but The Namer Of Dummies returned fire with a shoulder block. Hendry would hit one of his own after trading some quick offense and Drake nailed a stiff clothesline off the turnbuckle. Eli rolled Hendry up, but Joe got the ropes to break up the referee's found.

Henry hit a neckbreaker and a DDT after a slew of quick offense. Kaleb Conley got involved and Grado got on the apron as well. Eli pushed Joe against Grado knocking him off the apron and Draken rolled Hendry up for the pinfall.

Winner: Eli Drake

- They played a segment where Matt Sydal mediated while they played clips of his journey with Cage and the X Division Title.

- Sami Callihan and oVe cut a promo backstage where the said they wanted revenge against Pentagon Jr in a Mexican Death Match. Because they are for Ohio, by ohio and they are taking over everything.

Su Yung vs Allie

Yung and Allie traded some quick offense to start off as Allie wanted to get her revenge quickly. While Allie was creeped out by the Undead Bridesmaids, Don Callis explained why the Mandible Claw is a legit wrestling move because it paralyzes your opponent's nerve bundle.

Yung took off her dress so you knows she meant business and then she hit a dive off the apron onto Allie. They moved back to the inside and Allie nailed several stiff chops and then Yung leveled Allie. Su went for something and Allie countered and came alive opening up with several quick moves and then she hit a dropkick on two Undead Bridesmaids. Kiera Hogan showed up and hit a dive on two of them.

Just when it looked like this match was going to come to a close of some sorts, Tessa Blanchard attacked Allie causing and end to the match.

Winner: Allie via DQ

Su got the Mandible Claw on Tessa and Allie Superkicked her. Then Allie took out Su and at the end of the segment, Allie was posing for the crowd looking focused.

LAX vs OGz Street Fight

The OGz were calling LAX out on the streets like it was something out of the movie Warriors. LAX walked up and they were led by Konnan. King was surprised to see so many people with them. Konnan and King agreed to stay back and let their wrestlers battle it out.

The all started to fight and it was chaos. The whole segment was shot in a cinematic style. As Ortiz beat Hernandez with a traffic cone, King sent in someone new so Konnan did the same. Someone tried to stab Santana, but he fought them off. Ortiz broke a broom over Hernandez.

Hernandez powebombed Ortiz onto a group of people and then he choked him over her shoulder with a rope and then Santana ran in and jumped him to take their titles back.

"It's over," LAX said to each other as Konnan walked up to them. King came in saying it wasn't over but LAX stood up to him. King called Konnan an old dog and said a bunch of stuff that had to be bleeped out and then he said he spit on his soul. King got on his knees and begged him to "do it!" over and over again.

"With pleasure, mother--" Konnan said as he lowered his fist onto King and the screen cut to black.


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