Jeff Hardy Talks The Great Thing About TNA, Limiting His WWE Schedule

Jeff Hardy's return to WWE alongside his brother Matt during WrestleMania 33 brought smiles to many fans' faces as The Hardy Boyz experienced a well-deserved homecoming. The brothers were eventually split along WWE brand lines during a Superstar Shake-Up, and Jeff has started to favor some nagging injuries as he presses on.

The youngest Hardy brother recently spoke to a media roundtable in the European market where he addressed the reason why he took the Swanton Bomb out of his arsenal during live events for a short while.

"I actually quit doing it for a while on the live events," Hardy said of his Swanton Bomb finisher. "I've been doing it lately but my back was killing me. I had a flight one morning and I ate breakfast on a stool and when I got up, something was going on -- I could barely walk and on the flight it got worse. I don't know if it's nerve issues or what. But it was bad for about two weeks.

"I stopped doing those Swantons at live events just to do it at TV because it's really rough on your lower back. You know that's completely true, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I don't know what it was.

"The nerve stuff is scary. Because my hand was asleep for seven weeks for a nerve issue in my elbow. It's better now, but everything kinda hurts and I just gotta do what I can to maintain my health basically moving forward. If that means not doing the Swanton every night, I think that's okay. I don't think people will be extremely mad."

Hardy must maintain his health as he continues as a veteran in the locker room. After lying about his age to get his first WWE match in 1994, Hardy is now 40 and he discussed a desire to work a much lighter schedule in the future so he can maintain WWE's busy culture.

"The WWE, this schedule is tough," Hardy admitted. "But you gotta be tough to survive here. But around 2020 hopefully we can do a limited schedule something with not as much wrestling where we do heal up.

"That was the great thing about TNA and doing the indies, man. We would do [TV] tapings and be off for like a month and then do our indies whenever we wanted to. It was fun, but here it ain't no joke man. You gotta be ready to go because they don't slow down."

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