LAX Says They Want To Go To Japan And They Might Not Come Back

Ortiz and Santana formed a new Latin American Xchange on March 16th, 2017 after the stable's dissolution on Impact Wrestling nearly eight years prior. Under Konnan's leadership, they are the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions and always looking for ways to improve every aspect of their game.

LAX spoke about their continued evolution as a team during a recent media call where Santana said Impact Wrestling has a locker room packed with knowledge and LAX is more than willing to learn from veterans of the sport.

"As far as backstage there have been so many people that have offered such good advice that has been a part of the company since the start," Santana said. "Guys like Abyss and Sonjay [Dutt], and Gail Kim, so many people man. Impact Wrestling right now, as far as backstage is at its best because everyone is willing to teach and everyone's willing to learn. I think that's the best thing ever. We're always striving to get better, we're always striving to learn from the best."

Impact Wrestling's new regimen brought another mood to the company's backstage that is willing to cultivate the best pro wrestling possible and LAX is happy to be a part of it. Ortiz spoke about his transition in style when arriving in Impact Wrestling and how he is always looking to improve.

"When we got signed to Impact I was more out of my comfort zone because I'm more of a comedic showman, but I also like to do the hard-hitting when it calls for it," Ortiz said. "I needed to find my footing. I feel right now we're way more comfortable doing the LAX, but I'm still working at it. I'm still watching back video to tweak things or try things differently. I think the transition was easier for Santana than it was for me, and I'm still learning and I'm still trying to find my footing, but I think I found an in-between, but I'm still working at it every day.

"Every time we do indie shows I'm doing new things like I'm constantly trying to tweak my wrestling style. I'm my own worst critic, Santana is too."

LAX has taken in every piece of information at their disposal thanks to the veteran performers they've been fortunate enough to work with. When Ortiz and Santana spoke about what teams were the most influential to them they had an all-star lineup to appreciate.

"Wrestling the Hardy and Dudleys, honestly for me," Ortiz said. "Just seeing how the crowd reacts to someone on their level like they're on another level in the tag team game. How they go in there and how they react to a crowd to me definitely that's one of the teams on the next level.

"Also I would have to throw out there Super Smash Brothers from Canada. Just wrestling that style like they've done a lot of Dragon Gate USA and stuff like that goes back to me loving early Michinoku Pro throwback footage.

"Wrestling The Hardys and The Dudleys was like a different level and learning from them -- like 'wow, this is why you do this or why you do that.'"

Santana said working with both The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz at the same time was an invaluable experience as well. Veterans who took the time to give LAX advice are not forgotten as Santana added how The American Wolves were also a team who helped them along the way.

"What's great is we got to wrestle [The Hardys and The Dudleys] together in the same match," Santana said. "I'm forever grateful to all four of those guys, even after the match took time to sit with us and talked with us and shared advice. Stuff like that is forever appreciated. Super Smash Brothers is definitely a team that helped us get our style together and took us to the limit.

"Also another tag team I'd have to say is the American Wolves. The American Wolves, wrestling those dudes... yeah, it's on another level and they taught us the art of nonstop. You know what I mean? You're kicking a guy's ass, you're not gonna take a break kicking that guy's ass until 1) he's not moving or 2) he starts to fight back. Same thing with them, both of those guys, it was a grueling match we went at it for almost thirty minutes in the main events. It was total back-and-forth, after the match, they shared their advice and yeah man, that was great."

LAX is looking to learn as much as they can, even if that means leaving Impact Wrestling. They have their eyes set on Japan, but Ortiz warned if he gets a chance to work in the Land Of The Rising Sun, he might not come back.

"We're always striving to get better and always striving to elevate ourselves, not just in the ring, but in general," Santana said. "Honestly, one of our main goals is to head to Japan and mix it up with the talent over there. I mean bar none those are some of the greatest wrestlers in the world today and to be able to go and step foot in the ring with those guys and to learn from all those guys would definitely be a great experience for us and it's definitely one of our top goals is to head to Japan and doing all that."

Ortiz chimed in agreeing with his partner's statements, "Yeah, definitely working in Japan and if I make it over there, I don't think I'd ever come back. I'd have to figure out some legal dispute with my contract because I don't think I'm leaving. I'm never coming back, I'm just gonna stay there forever."

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