Lucha Underground Results (8/1): Trios Championship Match, Pentagon Dark In Handicap Match

It's time to go back to The Temple for another episode of Lucha Underground. You can check out Luch Underground Wednesdays on El Rey Network at 8 pm. We appreciate you checking out the results here at Wrestling Inc.

- On last week's episode: Jake Strong defeated Sammy Guevara in a brutal encounter which saw Guevara diving from The Temple's upper-deck. They also crowned a new Gift Of The Gods Champion as El Dragon Azteca Jr emerged victoriously. Now he will have a guaranteed Lucha Underground Title shot at any time of his choosing with one week's notice. Vinnie Massaro also made a fine sacrifice for Matanza Cueto.

- On tonight's episode: The Worldwide Underground and Reptile Tribe continue their blood feud, The Trios Championship is on the line as The Rabbit Tribe attempts to win the three titles, and Pentagon Dark takes on Cage and his mystery partner.

Daga vs PJ Black

Daga focused on Black's arm for a bit with an arm drag and an armlock, then Black turned a guillotine lock into a suplex using his own strength. Black applied his own submission hold with a pendulum, banged Daga's head against the turnbuckle, and stomped him down. Then Black hit a suplex and rolled through into another submission hold.

They traded shots in the middle of the ring and Black hit a thumb to the eye. Daga flipped over Black and then Black returned the favor. Black missed a moonsault and Daga kicked him in the face. Black backed Daga into the corner and chopped him before Daga hit a DDT, rolled over and kept Black's head turning it into a chokehold.

Black hit a reverse suplex and turned it into a dragon sleeper before switching into a rear chinlock and Daga backed him into the corner. Then Daga hit a running dropkick on Black while he laid in the corner.

They traded blows in the middle of the ring and Black hit a kick to the head before climbing up top. Daga knocked Black's feet out from under him and climbed up too. Daga hit a frankensteiner and Black rolled it into a pin and then Daga rolled through into a pin of his own for a two count. Then Daga latched on a crucifix submission with a wristlock for the submission.

Winner: Daga

After the match, the rest of the Reptiles came out and surrounded Black as he laid in the ring. They started putting the boots to him. As Vibora was about to hit a tombstone, Johnny Mundo and Taya ran out to run everyone off except for Vibora. Ricky Mundo stumbled in the ring and Vibora was about to take him out, but Johnny and PJ came back with kendo sticks and they took Vibora out too. Then they set up a 4 vs 4 match with The Reptiles vs Worldwide Underground.

- The Mack was backstage and suddenly Catrina was there. He was startled and said they need to put a bell on her. She came with grim news because Mil Muertes is coming for him. The Mack said he will drop him and not give it a second thought. Then Catrina left before mentioning The Mack's cousin and then she slammed on a locker causing another door to open and there was a skull inside with a cigar in its mouth. The Mack said it was Big Rick and he got very concerned.

- El Dragon Azteca Jr cut a promo about winning the Gift Of The Gods Championship and he plans on winning the Lucha Underground Title when he cashes in his title shot. He wants to be part of the lucha legacy and he wants the main event at Ultima Lucha 4.

The Rabbit Tribe vs The Mack, Son Of Havoc, and Killshot - Trios Championship Match

The two teams were soon brawling after a brief exchange to start out the match. Mala and Killshot started wrestling and Mala went to the floor to create space. Havoc got the tag and joined the match. Mala got one-count before London got the tag and came into the match with a double stomp. Havoc hit an elbow drop after a brief and quick sequence and then he followed it up with a backbreaker before Saltador got the tag.

The Mack tagged in and took down the checkered Saltador who rolled out of the ring. Killshot threw Mala on The Rabbit Tribe before being knocked off the apron but Havoc hit a top rope dive on all of them followed by Saltador who hit a springboard plancha on everyone.

London was stopped on the top as Killshot and The Mack joined him on the top rope. Then Mala and Saltador joined and created a tower of doom. The match continued and Killshot started running all over the ring hitting one move after another until Saltador stopped him on the top rope and he took a double stomp for his troubles.

Havoc his a dive to the outside as The Mack climbed up top and hit a bullfrog splash. Killshot made the tag and got the pinfall.

Winner: Killshot, The Mack, Son Of Havoc

Cage and King Cuerno vs Pentagon Dark

Cage's mystery partner was King Cuerno and Pentagon said he didn't need anyone as his partner because this was his Temple. Because he has zero fear.

Penta started off laying in kicks and Cuerno was sent to the outside. Penta took Cage out a few times before he went outside so Pentagon Dark could hit a splash.

Cuerno and Penta started fighting up the stairs and then Penta returned to the ring and Cage hit a superplex followed by a splash from Cuerno and an elbow from Cage for a two count.

Penta kicked King Cuerno to stop his momentum and Cage grabbed Penta's feet to stop him when he shot off the ropes. Cuerno kicked Pentagon in the groin and Penta hit a lungblower. Cage entered and Penta hit a few kicks and a flipping piledriver for a two count.

Cuerno landed a knee to Pentagon's face and hit The Thrill Of The Kill before taking his headdress and leaving. Cage nailed his finisher and got the win.

Winners: Cage and King Cuerno

After the match was over, Cage returned to the ring with a chair and placed it under Penta's head. Then Cage hit two conchairtos leaving Pentagon Jr laying on the mat while Cage held up the Lucha Underground Title

- Johnny Mundo and Taya of Worldwide Underground were exploring the Reptiles' lair when suddenly they were surrounded by The Reptile Tribe. Vibora kicked Taya and Johnny fought with him until he took a headbutt and a rear chinlock as Taya woke up and grabbed her baseball bat. She blasted Vibora a couple of time and then Taya said she was cutting the head off the snake. Then it appeared that she cut Vibora's head off. The camera panned down to remove all doubt that Vibora had been decapitated.


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