Mark Henry Thinks Brock Lesnar's Promo On WWE RAW Was His Best Ever

Mark Henry was really impressed by Brock Lesnar's performance on RAW this past Monday night. As Lesnar ended Monday Night Raw by not only attacking general manager Kurt Angle, but physically assaulting his long-time manager Paul Heyman, the "World's Strongest Man" took notice.

While appearing on SiriusXM's Busted Open on Tuesday morning, Henry not only complimented Lesnar, but he went so far as to say that it was his best promo ever.

"First of all, I'm going to go on record as saying something that I've never said about Brock Lesnar ever," Henry said. "Best promo he ever cut. When he grabbed Paul Heyman and he said you are not my friend, and he started ripping him. I was like he doesn't need Paul Heyman. That promo was fire. That's what Brock needs to do... I thought that segment was really good."

Henry didn't stop in his praise of Lesnar. He also complimented Heyman for his work, especially in the physical aspect of things.

"Paul Heyman was as spectacular as he always is, playing the role, not only that, but the physical part of it," Henry added. "Because you don't want to see Paul have any physical interaction and he did [on Monday] and he was tremendous. I'm just so happy we were blessed with that."

This was a notable segment because Lesnar had never attacked Heyman since the two came back to the WWE in 2012, showcasing a nasty side of Lesnar that we hadn't seen in a long time. It even motivated the crowd enough to chant "We Want Roman" to close out Raw.

Lesnar is scheduled to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Title at Summerslam in a rematch of their Wrestlemania showdown. It's widely assumed that Lesnar will leave the WWE once his contract expires as he prepares for a UFC fight with UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. The earliest the fight can take place is in January, when Lesnar is re-instated after completing UFC's drug-testing program.


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