Matt Hardy Posts Another Cryptic Tweet Saying 'Farewell'

Matt Hardy's recent partnership with Bray Wyatt as The Deleters Of Worlds saw him win the Raw Tag Team Titles marking his seventh Tag Team Title reign under WWE's banner. Hardy's recent online announcement that his coccyx is fusing with his pelvis along with a new cryptic farewell has caused some speculation as to what's next for Woken Matt.

Hardy posted another cryptic picture to social media of himself and Bray Wyatt with King Maxel on The Eater Of Wold's lap.

"Thank you for everything, my compeer... I shall miss you, Bray Wyatt," Hardy included as a message along with the backstage photo. Hardy also pinned the tweet to the top of his Twitter profile.

Hardy recently posted an animated gif as a representation of why he is currently suffering his current injuries.

"Why my coccyx turned on me and aligned with my pelvis," is accompanied by the visual of a devastating legdrop off a ladder as one of his signature highspots during Hardy's heyday.

Since Hardy's professional wrestling debut in October 1992, he has played a variety of roles from enhancement talent to the main eventer. He competed alongside Wyatt this week on Raw in one more attempt to regain the Raw Tag Team Titles in a triple threat match against The B Team and The Revival. The Deleter Of Worlds lost the match which set up a SummerSlam encounter for The B Team vs The Revival without Hardy and Wyatt in the picture.

Adam Kirkland contributed to this article.


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