Mick Foley Told Vince McMahon To Keep An Eye On Top UFC Star

Mick Foley was interviewed by TMZ and shared that he has been trading messages with Cris Cyborg recently after seeing that she was in New Jersey, and will be attending a viewing party with her. Foley also shared that he had a meeting with Vince McMahon, and lobbied for him to sign her.

"I had a meeting with Vince McMahon and I specifically told him, 'keep your eye on this Cyborg-Nunes fight,'" said Foley. "She's gonna be larger than life, and I think she'd make a great WWE superstar down the line."

First, however, Foley feels that Cyborg needs to focus on the "superfight" between her and Amanda Nunes. The fight between the two is projected to be at UFC 232 on December 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the fight was also proposed to be in September, Nunes felt that the December date would give more time for it to promoted. A foot injury has also been a big hurdle to officially booking the fight.

Cyborg feels that the Nunes fight may also be the last UFC one for her, as she explained in an interview with Combate News. MMA Fighting also adds that her frustration with the lack of build for the featherweight division to create credible title contenders along with being unhappy with the selection of fighters for the upcoming Ultimate Fighter series could be contributors to her current feelings about the company.

Cyborg also told MMA Fighting that Rousey was afraid to lose to her in UFC, and her ego is not big enough to turn down a big money opportunity to compete and lose against Rousey in the WWE.

Source: TMZ


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