Recently on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, NXT Superstar Ricochet talked about a number of pro wrestling topics including his transition from doing his own thing on the indies to the structure of the WWE Performance Center, when he realized WWE could be a possibility for him in his pro wrestling odyssey, and being 'intimidated' by the mic skills of NXT North American Champion Adam Cole [baybay]. Also, Ricochet shared an interesting idea for bringing WWE Superstars back to NXT.

According to Ricochet, he has been very open to advice in the WWE Performance Center, as he has always been very receptive to people bouncing ideas off of him throughout his pro wrestling career.

"Oh yeah, 100%, I've been an open book." Ricochet explained, "even my whole career, I've kind of been like an open book. Like, if anyone had any advice for me, like, I would try to take it into consideration because I feel like if it's good or bad advice, I can still take some bits out of it and try to use that to better yourself. But I think I knew coming here, all these guys, [Robbie] Brookside, [Norman] Smiley, and Scotty [2 Hotty], and Shawn [Michaels], all these guys, they've been around it forever, and especially this style… And [Triple H] too, like Hunter is there every TV and whatever and he comes to the PC a lot. And when he's there, I try to talk to him at least once. But, of course, I've been a complete open book. Like, because again, there is no correct way to be a professional wrestler or sports entertainer. Do you know what I mean? There's no single way, so if I can take anything that's going to help make me better, for sure I'm going to do it, going from Robbie Brookside all the way up to Shawn Michaels."

During the interview, Ricochet suggested that not getting hired by WWE following his 2013 tryout was a blessing in disguise insofar as 2013 and on is when 'The Future Of Flight' really started to figure things out in the pro wrestling game.  

"I did my tryout in 2013 and even then, I just went into it like, 'I'm going to kill this tryout and give it my all and do my best'. For some reason, even then, I didn't actually think I would get a job from it. I don't know why, too small, whatever it was, I don't know. I just didn't really have the state of mind to think, 'I'm going to get hired'. But I did definitely go into it thinking, 'I'm going to kill this tryout and show them that I want to be here.' And I think they said that they didn't have anything for me at the moment, which was maybe the best thing that could've happened to me at the time because that's when, 2013, 2014, that's when things really started to take off and I really started grasping the concept of, like, how to make a match, and match style, and who I'm working with, so it was a good thing I didn't get hired [by WWE], I feel like because it got me to where I am now and the position that I'm in now."

Also during the interview, Ricochet divulged that he is intimidated by his NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 opponent, Adam Cole, on the mic. With that said, 'The One And Only' stated that working with performers with strong promo skills helps him improve in that area of his repertoire.  

"Oh man, [Cole] is so good on the mic. It's crazy. It's intimidating," Ricochet admitted. "Even with [Velveteen] Dream because Dream is very comfortable on the mic as well, so like both of those situations I felt like this was, like, good for me because, again, it's either make it or break it. Do you know what I mean? So I had this pressure on me and I was like, 'I'm going to go out there and do my best I can to kill it.' I guess, especially because I've known Adam for so long and we've become pretty good friends or whatever, like, I'm comfortable in there. There's not like the weird awkwardness where I'm uncomfortable speaking to him, I guess. I don't know. So yeah, especially with him being so good on the mic, I definitely have to step up and show them that I might not beat him verbally, but, like, I can for sure keep up with him."

Additionally, Ricochet proposed that main roster talents should come back to NXT once in a while. This would allow RAW and SmackDown LIVE performers who are not figured in to any ongoing storylines to continue to work and it would enable NXT talents gain more experience by working with veterans.

"Not that it would ever happen, but we think it would be cool if some of the, like, main roster guys would come back down and, like, have a couple of matches. Like if Finn Bálor comes down or if Sami Zayn comes down, or even, let's say, Charlotte comes down to wrestle somebody, or Sasha [Banks], or if someone else comes down and wrestles, or a tag team, like, maybe The Revival. The Revival actually did a road loop with us a while back. And I think Tyler Breeze and Tye Dillinger came down and stuff, and the fans really liked it, so, like, if we could get them to do that on TV, maybe not regularly, but a storyline once in a while." Ricochet added, "we think that'd be cool."

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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness