Roman Reigns On Teaming Up With Paul Heyman: "I Like Talking For Myself"

Roman Reigns spoke with Newsweek on his SummerSlam opponent, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman's wrestling knowledge, and if he would work alongside Heyman on TV. Here are some of the highlights:

Brock Lesnar's physical abilities at 41 years old:

"He doesn't get credit. He did years ago; but for his age, to be in the back of his athletic career it's very impressive to see the shape he maintains, the explosive power that he holds. That takes a lot. You see guys like Cena posting workout videos all the time and that's what you have to do to stay at that elite level. And Brock still has that. He's a smart businessman in what he does and he's turned 'Brock Lesnar' into a complete character now in the past month or so. It's pretty neat to see how he can pinball between UFC and WWE and still have that power. It's insane."

Paul Heyman's experience in wrestling:

"It's really cool. To be honest, me and Paul almost talk more about family stuff and that relates into wrestling with my lineage. But his connection to my family is crazy. There's a lot of times where he will show me pictures, he will print them out sometimes or he'll have them on his phone and he'll show me old pictures that he has from back in the day riding with family of mine.

"His knowledge, he has a wealth of it. I don't hire the people here or know how all that works as for who stays around and who doesn't, but if we only have Paul for x amount of time or if he's not here every single Monday, on the Monday he is here you should pick his brain. He has some really cool twists on everything. He's very smart and he doesn't look at things through one perspective. There's so many different rules in this business. He's come all the way from being a young boy posting towns to being one of the most creative minds that has ever stepped foot in the ring in this business. It's great to work around and with him."

Hypothetically, would Reigns want to work with Paul Heyman on TV:

"Nah I like talking for myself. That's one thing I want too, just a little longer promos you know what I mean? Just me and the mic that would be nice. Do a lot of interactive promos in the ring and stuff like that. That's how you grow and it'll be cool to get those long, solo promos. Working with Paul, there's nothing wrong with just sitting there like a boss and let your attorney do the talking. Let him talk the logistics,and I'm sure Paul won't have a problem reading off my resume, it'll take awhile but he's pretty good with stuff like that. But I would still want to talk for myself, 100 percent."

Reigns also discussed SummerSlam and passing on knowledge to other WWE Stars. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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