Taya Valkyrie Reveals Her Status With Impact Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie recently spoke to Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can download or listen to the interview here, they sent us these highlights:

Getting married to John Morrison / Mundo / Impact:

"Thank you so much! Yes, John and I got married on June 1st in California. It was honestly the best day ever! I wish I could do it over again, and again, and again! (laughs) It was awesome and special. We're extremely happy!"

Her status with Impact Wrestling:

"I'm still working with Impact. There's nothing wrong or whatever. It just is the way that it is right now. I look forward to getting back there very shortly and continuing to do some great work with them."

The Impact Wrestling Knockouts division right now:

"The female locker room, the Knockouts division, are some of the best female wrestlers I've ever encountered. I'm just really honored to be working with them. I'm just doing what I'm doing right now which is promoting Lucha Underground and all the projects I'm involved in. So, don't you worry! I will be back in the Impact Zone! (laughs)"

Lucha Underground working with Impact and the talent exchange in wrestling right now:

"Isn't that crazy? It is so amazing to be a part of this business right now! It is what it is. We're all able to... There's this mentality where all of these dream matches are able to happen because everyone is working together and not against each other! It has really given us the opportunity to perform in front of different fans. The Lucha Underground fans are completely different than the Impact fans. But, that show at WrestleCon really brought all these people together. We are all wrestling fans! The fact that they follow us to all these different companies is just magical. There are endless possibilities for every single one of us involved!"

The Worldwide Underground invading Impact Wrestling:

"Ah! I think that's pretty cool. I mean, anything is possible right now! (laughs) The four of us together are pretty unstoppable! It is like a weird chemical reaction happens! I'd be completely open to the idea. Why not?"

Her appearing with Johnny Impact on Impact down the road:

"It will very interesting to see how we would tell that story because I don't associate with Johnny Impact at all on Impact Wrestling. But, they did aknowledge that Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie did get married! So, you never know what could happen!"


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