Tegan Nox Addresses Fans Following Her Injury At The Mae Young Classic

Tegan Nox suffered an injury to her left leg while performing a dive to the outside of the ring on Rhea Ripley during the Mae Young Classic tapings on Thursday night.

Although she was hurt, Nox wanted to continue after the referee threw up the "X" meaning she suffered a legitimate injury. After Ripley nailed a dropkick, Nox threw up an "X" on herself bringing the match to a halt. This is unfortunate timing for Nox as she just returned on April 13th from an ACL injury that took her out of last year's Mae Young Classic.

Nox received an outpouring of support when news of her most recent injury broke. She responded with a heartfelt thank you to her fans saying, "this isn't how I planned to finish the Mae Young Classic in any shape or form but the last 2 days have been the best experience of my life."

She went on to say "freak accidents happen, it's part of the job" and the messages from fans supporting her have been overwhelming. No matter how large this setback is, Nox isn't going to let it keep her from coming back with even more determination next time.

"The fact that my hospital room was full of people really warms my heart and honestly meant the absolute world to me," Nox wrote. "I said it before and I'll say it again, everything happens for a reason, so no matter what the full extent of this injury is, I'll be back and I'll be Shinier than ever."


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