Triple H NXT Call: FOX Deal Affecting NXT, Neville, Changing How MYC Is Released, SD! To Fridays

As noted, Triple H took part in a media call today to promote this Sunday's NXT Takeover card in Brooklyn. We covered the call live on our Twitter, which you can follow @WrestlingINC. You can check out the full call in the video above, below are the highlights:

* Triple H was asked about Aleister Black's injury and if there was any consideration of adding someone else to the match, or changing the card. HHH said everything went back to the table. They went through all the options and felt Ciampa vs. Gargano was the best option given their history.

* Triple H was asked if NXT might become part of the Superstar Shakeup. HHH said it kinda is, because NXT talent is drafted to the main roster. He noted that 80% of the main roster has come from from NXT. Wouldn't be a stretch to have main roster talent go to NXT

*On if there will be changes to NXT with the FOX deal, he doesn't know, they'll see where they are next year. Right now the WWE Network is a good home for it, but who knows.

* He was asked about the challenge of having so much talent in NXT with only a one hour show. Triple H said that's a good problem to have and it works the way it is. He'd rather have too much talent and spread them out than overexpose talent.

* Triple H was asked if he sees NXT UK being its own entity, or having crossover with NXT. He sees it being its own thing with "a little bit of a criss cross."

* HHH was asked about Neville, noting he'd be a good fit for NXT UK. HHH said he doesn't know what's going on, but he would be a great fit. He praised the work Neville did in NXT and 205 Live. Time will see where that ends up.

* He was asked about NXT doing a tour in Germany. Said it comes down to logistics and time, and he would love to bring the brand over there.

* Triple H was asked about hypothetically doing two one-hour NXT shows per week with the amount of talent they have, with one on FS1. He joked that he might be getting setup for a "nifty payday." He is looking at it with fresh eyes and never says never, but he likes it at one-hour right now.

* Regarding the travel schedule will be changing with SmackDown moving to Fridays, Triple H says it changes everything. They are in the process of figuring it out and they "have a lot of planning to do." It will in some ways fundamentally change their biz, but it's a wonderful opportunity.

* There's no injury update on Aleister Black. About Tegan Nox, Triple H feels terrible for her and says that it was "heartbreaking." Hinted that Tegan was supposed to win that match. She is as positive as can be and is focused on coming back. He noted that Tegan will be out for awhile, but will come back better than ever.

* Triple H was asked about Tyler Bate and Trent Seven and if their Takeover: Brooklyn match can live up to their last. HHH said they won't be satisfied with the match being "as good" as the last and want it to be better.

* He was asked about WWE not releasing the Mae Young Classic all at once this year and doing it weekly. He said they experimented last year and it didn't perform as well immediately as they would have hoped. Their team broke down the analytics for and figured out the schedule. He noted that NXT is a great lead-in for the show.

That was it for the call! Subscribers to our audio channel received the audio of the call minutes after it ended. You can subscribe to it on iTunes, as well as our YouTube channel.


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