WWE Stars Comment On ROH Selling Out MSG?, Triple H On Changing How WWE Recruited Women, Natalya

- Above, Natalya gave her WWE Network Pick of the Week, which was the upcoming Table for 3 featuring herself, Beth Phoenix and Nia Jax. Natalya says the chemistry between the three of them is amazing and a clip of the show is also shown.

- The Washington Post took a look at the women's movement within WWE over the last couple years and wondered if it was something that was built to last. They spoke with a couple of WWE Superstars including Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Nia Jax. Triple H also discussed how he looked to change how WWE recruited women, looking more for athletes, not models.

"The first thing I noticed was the way we were working with our women," Triple H said. "They were almost being told, 'Don't wrestle or perform like the men.' I felt like that was fundamentally wrong. Instead of looking at women like it was a modeling agency, we went from an athletic standpoint. I wanted athletes that would be willing to embrace the grind we did, but deliver at a high level that is needed to be a WWE superstar."

- Yesterday, the ROH / NJPW joint show at Madison Square Garden sold out (thanks to a successful pre-sale) minutes after tickets went on sale to the general public. Plenty of ROH stars reacted to the news, but Drew McIntyre and Sheamus may have also sent out subtle congratulations to the successful sell-out, as well.


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