Xavier Woods On The New Day Splitting Up: "We Will All Retire Before We Turn"

The New Day's Xavier Woods recently spoke with Give Me Sport about the belief that New Day will eventually split up; either by turning on on each or just going their separate ways in a peaceful manner. Woods gave a very clear response that he does not want the group to break up in any way and explained why.

"I don't remember a group in wrestling that hasn't turned on itself, or they'll turn, then come back and be a group again," Woods said. "New Day - I'm telling you this right now - New Day will never turn. Ever. And that's because we have zero desire to ever do that. I have zero desire to go to work and not work with my friends."

Since joining up in 2014, The New Day have been on an amazing run, winning the WWE Tag Titles on five occasions. Most recently they won the titles by defeating the Bludgeon Brothers in a No DQ Match on SmackDown, earlier this week. Woods pointed out they are much stronger as a group, even if they go after singles titles, the trio can share the responsibilities of being champion.

"People say on Twitter, 'New Day is doing this, Big E is going to turn, this is happening. Oh, Woods is the snarky one, he's going to turn. Oh, Kofi's been up at the top of the mountain before, he's gonna turn!'" Woods continued. "It's like, why? We are having the most fun we've ever had in our careers. It's not like someone's like, 'Oh, I need to sabotage my friends to be champ.' What is it to be champ when you're a champ by yourself? You're standing up there alone on this cold mountainous castle? That's not fun. I'd rather be up there with my friends. Especially, if Kofi wins the Heavyweight Title, I'm also the Heavyweight Champion because we have 'The New Day Rule' and we share it. Just basic mathematics, we have a better chance of becoming Heavyweight Champion if we stay a group and we just share it."

Woods then realized being in the pro wrestling business, if he says one thing that will mean another, so he finished up his statement with this.

"So, there's your answer, internet," Woods said looking at the camera. "We will all retire before we turn. That's a legitimate answer, this is not some, 'Oh! He's saying this because it's happening!' No, my government name is Austin Watson. Austin Watson is telling you that is the truth. Thank you."

You can see Woods' full comments in the video below.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Give Me Sport with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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