Gail Kim Defends Torrie Wilson Going In The WWE Hall Of Fame

As previously reported, Torrie Wilson and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake (Ed Leslie) are set to be two of the newest additions to the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame class, according to @Wrestlevotes. The @Wrestlevotes Twitter handle was first to reveal The Honky Tonk Man's upcoming Hall of Fame induction.

Since the announcement of Torrie Wilson being welcomed to the Hall of Fame, former WWE and Impact star Gail Kim has been defending her by replying to several negative tweets online. In the first tweet that she replied to, one user wrote: "Going into the @WWE HOF for real? She couldn't wrestle. She was only good for stripping, acting like a lesbian & making out with the other media who– #Sable. What about those who actually deserve & earned it like @REALLiSAMARiE?" Kim replied with: "Just stop it. She deserves it. This tweet is BS."

Someone else wrote how it was controversial, which Kim replied: "Why is it controversial? She has contributed a lot to the business and the fans adored her. There are people who are way more controversial picks. Like that poop Donald Trump. I don't care whether there is a celebrity inductee or not. That whole part should be taken out."

Gail Kim did agree with comments about there being other deserving wrestlers, but she also wrote about how Torrie Wilson is one of them. She explained: "Well, I agree there are people who deserve it now. But so does she. There's always other years right?" She also wrote in another reply: "Well they will have their time. This is hers. So we should celebrate it."

Below are Gail Kim's tweets defending Torrie Wilson's Hall of Fame induction: