TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

Abyss leaves the camera's view and then comes back with a table in handle. Abyss sets up the table, leaves again and brings out a second table. Abyss puts both tables together with help from James Mitchell. Rhino crawls up the ramp and gets to the top area where Abyss has the two table set up below the ramp. Abyss cuts off Rhino with a shot to the head with a baseball bat. Abyss grabs a third table and sets it on top of the other two. Abyss then brings out a fourth table, stacking all four together. Abyss walks up the ramp, gets near Rhino, but Rhino hits Abyss with a kick to the gut. Abyss fights back with some rights. Abyss kicks Rhino in the gut, gets him ready for a powerbomb, but Rhino counters out of it. Rhino grabs Abyss and sends him face first into part of the TNA set. Rhino then backs up, charges looking to hit The Gore, but Abyss takes out Rhino with a big boot that sends Rhino off the top of the ramp. Both Abyss and Rhino leave the Impact Zone and go the backstage area of the soundstage. Abyss nails Rhino face first off the winsheild of the car. Abyss grabs a bat, swings, Rhino moves and Abyss hits the window of the car. Rhino attempts the same and Abyss moves as well. Rhino then starts to head back into the Impact Zone when Abyss grabs him and sends him into a nearby trash can. Rhino gets back up and moves back to the ringside area along with Abyss. Rhino then looks under the ring and pulls out a table. Rhino puts the table in the ring.

When Rhino gets back in the ring with the table, James Mitchell hands Abyss a staple gun! When Rhino peaks out to grab Abyss, Abyss staples the gun on the head of Rhino two times! Rhino backs up holding his head in pain. Abyss grabs another table and brings it into the ring. Abyss sets up the table while another table is already setup in the corner. Mitchell signals Abyss to finish off Rhino. Abyss grabs Rhino, but Rhino fights back and hits a big belly-to-belly. Rhino backs up, charges, looks for The Gore, but Abyss catches Rhino and gives him a chokeslam through the table! Abyss covers Rhino...1...2...Rhino kicks out. Abyss can't believe it. Mitchell then hands Abyss the bag full of thumbtacks. When Abyss holds the bag up to display it to the crowd, Rhino charges and gives Abyss The Gore through the table in the corner smashing it to pieces! Rhino covers Abyss...1...2...Abyss kicks out. The crowd starts a "THIS IS AWESOME" chant. Rhino then looks at Mitchell and takes off after him. Abyss cuts off Rhino when he gets close to Mitchell. They brawl up into the rafters above the announcers area. Abyss sends Rhino face first into part of the rafters set. Abyss then breaks apart the wall against the rafters! This is right above the four stacked tables. Abyss grabs part of the board wall and nails it over the head of Rhino. Abyss grabs Rhino by the neck in a chokeslam, but Rhino fights out of it kicking Abyss. Rhino backs, Abyss stands up, Rhino charges, Rhino nails Abyss with The Gore and Abyss gets thrown off the top of the bleachers and crashes through the four stacked tables! The crowd in Orlando goes wild! Rhino jumps down, covers Abyss and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Rhino

After the match, Rhino gets back in the ring and gets his hand raised as the crowd in Orlando start a loud "RHINO" chant. A bloody Rhino leaves the ring and heads to the back as they show a few replays of Abyss getting Gored off the top of the bleachers through the four stacked tables. We go back live and see TNA trainers tooking a look at Abyss.

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