Masters Blasts Warrior, D-Lo Elbow Injury, Khali's Kiss, SD!, Lots More

Masters Blasts Warrior, D-Lo Elbow Injury, Khali's Kiss, SD!, Lots More
Variety has an article up on MyNetworkTV building their network around Smackdown. Check out the article at

D'Lo Brown has a new blog entry up on the WWE Universe site talking about how he has been diagnosed with golfer's elbow even though he has never golfed before. Check out the article at has a video up of Tazz interviewing the woman that the Great Khali kissed on Smackdown. She is married, but her husband didn't mind. Check out the video at

A new match for Cyber Sunday is Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov, or both, for the WWE Title.

SLAM! Wrestling has an article on former WWE star Chris Masters and he has nothing positive to regarding Ultimate Warrior after appearing on the same wrestling show in Barcelona, Spain last June that featured Warrior's comeback match. In the article, Masters refers to Warrior as the "Ultimate Asshole." "The guy is 50 years old and he expected the red carpet rolled out for him in NWE," Masters said. "We were doing a three-week tour of Spain and they brought him in to create a buzz for the product. He had one match to do with Orlando Jordan for our big show in Barcelona. "They rented him a house and flew out his wife and daughters and all I was hearing about from the guys higher up was his b---hing and saying, 'I am the Ultimate Warrior, you should be promoting this more,' and doing everything he possibly could to be a d**k and make it hard for those of us who were working every day busting our asses." Masters then takes aim at Warrior's comeback match, pretty much calling it horrible. "The guy trained for this match like it was a bodybuilding show. He hadn't wrestled legitimately in about 15 years, because let's be honest that WCW run doesn't even count. He gave Orlando a hiptoss and a backdrop and then blew up in two minutes; there was nothing that Orlando could do. He stunk the whole joint out. We were backstage and it was unlike any atmosphere I have ever felt. We asked Juventud Guerrera what they were chanting in Spanish and it was things like boring and bullsh--. Whatever he thinks his value is, he is completely delusional. It is safe to say the Ultimate Warrior is an asshole, the best way to describe him is ugh." Masters also discusses his experience with the NWE promotion, which runs regularly in Spain, as well as his past in World Wrestling Entertainment. He hopes to make a comeback in WWE, or even TNA, one day. "There are no hard feelings towards WWE," Masters said. "When the time feels right I would definitely love to look into going back there. But I am able to make a living because of my run in WWE, and it is hard to be an indy wrestler otherwise. I have no regrets. If you look at my career as a book, we are at Chapter 6. Who knows what Chapter 7 will be, WWE, TNA or not wrestling at all? I think it will be wrestling, I kind of lost my love for it at certain times, and regrettably when I was with WWE, but I know in my heart I love it. I still have that love inside me."

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