TNA Hard Justice Results (8/16) - Elijah Burke, & More!

The Beautiful People double team ODB in the corner. Sky with a snapmare and kick to the back and Love follows with a dropkick to the face. Tag to Love who covers ODB and ODB kicks out. Love with a headlock on ODB. ODB counters out with a big side suplex. Tag to Sky who tries to hold ODB back from tagging in Deaner. Deaner gets the tag. Sky tries to punch him and he dodges them and kisses her a few times. Love runs in and Deaner kisses her. Madison Rayne jumps up on the ring apron. Deaner grabs her sticking his tongue out and kisses her as well. Deaner with a drop toe hold on Sky into the ropes. Rayne hands Sky the bottle of hairspray. Love takes out Deaner with a big kick. ODB then tackles Love. Rayne accidentally sprays the hairspray into the face of Sky. Deaner then rolls up Sky and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: ODB

After the match, Velvet Sky realizes she screwed up along with Madison Rayne. Cody Deaner and ODB then celebrate the win. Deaner and ODB start to argue when she is handed the title. Deaner yells he made the pinfall and should have the belt. Deaner pulls the belt away from ODB and runs to the back holding it up. Angelina Love then gets in Velvet Sky's face. Sky is apologizing. Love and Sky then turn their attention to Rayne. They get in her face as a referee jumps in to break it up.

- Backstage, Taz is with Samoa Joe. He said tonight isn't about rehashing what happened with Hernandez. Taz said last week that Hernandez didn't beat Joe - Joe beat Joe. He said tonight is about the TNA X Division Championship and that Joe is in the zone to leave Hard Justice as champion.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Homicide (c) vs. Samoa Joe w/ Taz

The bell rings and both lock up. Taz pushes Homicide into the corner and gets in a few right hand jabs along with a big headbutt. Homicide with a roll up on Joe that results in a two count. Homicide trips up Joe and gets in another close nearfall. Homicide catches Joe as he comes off the ropes and Joe bails to regroup at ringside with Taz coaching him. Joe returns to the ring and kicks Homicide with force in the gut. Joe sends Homicide into the corner and gets in a few shots. Joe misses a body splash in the opposite corner. Homicide jumps up on Joe, Joe reverses putting him up top, Homicide leap frogs over Joe, catches Joe with an elbow, but Taz catches Homicide and hits a huge overhead belly to belly suplex. Joe then hits a big suicide dive on Homicide. Joe rolls Homicide back in the ring, hits a few chops to the body, drops knees over the head, cover and Homicide kicks out after two. Joe starts wrenching the head of Homicide. Homicide breaks out, but Joe catches him with a huge snap powerslam as he comes off the ropes that results in a two count. Joe chokes Homicide up over the second rope. Homicide fights back with kicks and chops on Joe. Homicide attempts a suplex on Joe, but Joe lifts Homicide up and plants him face first into the mat. Joe then hits a big powerbomb on Homicide.

Joe with a crossface applied on Homicide after he broke the pinfall. Joe then wrenches back on the arm of Homicide and Homicide gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Joe and Homicide exchange shots with Homicide getting the better of it. Homicide with a big clothesline on Joe and dropkick to the knees of Joe bringing him to the mat. Homicide with a crossbody counter over Joe. Homicide goes up top, jumps and hits a big missile dropkick. Joe bails out and regroups near Taz when Homicide hits his own suicide dive over Joe. Homicide starts taunting Taz. Taz yells he doesn't want any of him. Homicide tosses Joe back in the ring and hits a big neckbreaker. Cover by Homicide and Joe kicks out after two. Joe tosses Homicide over his shoulder, but Homicide comes back with the Gringo Cutter. Cover by Homicide and Joe barely kicks out after two. Homicide tries to get Joe up for the Gringo Cutter. Joe counters out sending Homicide to the corner. Joe misses a splash on Homicide. Joe bounces Homicide off the corner with force and Joe catches Homicide in the rear naked choke clutch. Homicide tries to break it up with elbows and drops down to the mat. Joe gets the choke applied more and Homicide taps out.

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