Yesterday, we asked which show was better this week: Raw or SmackDown? Here is the winner for this week from your comments:

1) So close! - SmackDown just barely got the win this week, but it was just by a few votes/upvotes. A lot of you mentioned AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton and Baron Corbin's forklift attack as the main reasons why. Those who gave support to Raw based it on Monday night's show having more star power and doing a better job of pushing their stories ahead. Even though Raw had a terrible show last week, they have been closing the gap over the past couple weeks, a win for the red brand seems imminent.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll be back next week, for now, here are some of the top comments:

"I'm always going to vote for the show with forklift attacks."

"Aside from Orton/Styles match, Smackdown was very meh this week. Raw for once focused on the storylines going forward with Owens/Y2J, Goldberg/Lesnar and Roman/Taker built up well and it had a great cruiserweight title match. Here's hoping Smackdown rebounds next week!"

"Raw gets it this week imo. Except for Corbin and Miz's promo, nothing stood out to me. I had high hopes for the main event, but even that felt underwhelming to me. Raw wasn't amazing but it had a couple of nice moments. SD barely had any this week for me."

Alyssa Petrovna:
"Smackdown wins this week. They had a Wrestlemania-caliber match in Styles vs Orton, Baron Corbin brought back a bit of the Attitude Era with his over the top beatdown of Dean Ambrose, and the rivalry between Miz, Maryse, Cena and Nikki advanced with a great segment. Can't beat that with a stick."

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