Wrestlers Who Are Married To Other Wrestlers

In pro wrestling, many a story line revolves around a not-so-blessed (and most often kayfabe) event — who could ever forget the time that Stephanie McMahon was nearly forced to become the Bride of Darkness? On the other hand, who'd ever want to remember that mess where Tamina, Tozawa, Dana Brooke, and Reggie all more or less married each other for a hot minute before the usual 24/7 brawl broke out? While such onscreen shenanigans may give the viewer the distinct impression that all wrestling marriages are fake, there have been a surprising number of shoot weddings, with quite a few of these still going strong.

Before we get to our list, a brief note on how we selected the names. In all cases, both partners did have an in-ring career, no matter how short-lived. What's more, all are still married, still alive, and at least one of them is still appearing in an on-screen role with a major promotion. The only possible exception to this last stipulation may be Michelle McCool and Undertaker. She seems to be more or less retired now and he says he's done with wrestling, as well, but what with his WWE-sponsored 1 deadMan Show occurring alongside many of the recent PPVs, it's like he hardly left at all.

AJ Mendez and CM Punk

As of time of writing, Punk is still signed to AEW, but he's less visible than John Cena in his prime and as to his future with that or any other company – who can say? Punk is Punk, and you can never count him out or write him off. AJ Mendez (formerly AJ Lee), however, just started working as a color commentator with the newly-created WOW-WOMEN of Wrestling, which, who knows, could well turn into a major promo (or at least a Netflix series) given a little time.

As to how these two crazy kids met, it seems they had a romance made in kayfabe heaven. As The Sportster tells it, Lee, as she was then known, was involved in a scripted romance that went sour with the Brian Danielson (or Daniel Bryan as he was known then) and subsequently found herself in a triangle with both Bryan and his in-ring rival Punk. While the storyline eventually fizzled out, as all stories must, the twosome (sans Bryan) started dating for real the following year and tied the knot in 2014.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Despite Matt Riddle taunting Seth Rollins that "there's only one man in your marriage, and that's Becky" — and yes, despite the fact that Rollins himself has admitted (via SportsKeeda) that he struggled a bit with the fact that his wife has been the first (and so far only) one in the family to main event WrestleMania — The Lass Kicker and her mister may be one of the most equally matched couples on the list. Both wrestle for the same promotion, both are major stars, and both seem pretty firmly entrenched in the WWE Universe.

As The U.S. Sun tells it, Lynch and Rollins first met in NXT in 2012, and while they were the proverbial "just good friends" at first, they eventually became a little more than that. By 2019 they finally admitted they were in a relationship, and it was in this year that they became engaged, as well. The actual wedding didn't take place for another two years, however. Not only was there a slight matter of a worldwide pandemic that kind of put a kink in everyone's plans, but they also had a baby (daughter Roux) in December of 2020. In June of 2021, however, People reports that the couple finally made it down the aisle. The honeymoon must not have been an extended one, however, as Rollins was back competing at Money in the Bank a few weeks later, while Lynch herself would return to the ring at SummerSlam.

Beth Phoenix and Edge

The Glamazon and Rated-R Superstar are one of those larger-than-life couples that actually seem pretty perfect together. According to SportsKeeda, they started dating late in 2010  after Phoenix had finalized her divorce from Joey Knight. A year later Edge retired from wrestling (for the first time, obviously) and was promptly inducted into the Hall of Fame, thanking his girlfriend in his acceptance speech. Within two years, the couple would welcome their first mini-glamazon, with the second coming along three years later. A few months after the birth of daughter #2, Beth and Edge finally got around to saying "I do," possibly as a way to celebrate Edge's big 4-0 since the wedding took place on the same day (October 30, 2016)

While Beth Phoenix had her own Hall of Fame induction in 2017, she never entirely retired from the ring, competing in a Fatal 4-Way Women's Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania 35 and then doing commentary on NXT from 2019 to 2021. After Edge, too, unretired in 2020, both halves of this dynamic duo would appear together at the Royal Rumble in 2022, going up against the Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag team match billed as "Grit Couple vs. It Couple." 

More recently, Phoenix came to the aid of her husband at Extreme Rules. For her trouble, she was laid out by a con-chair-to from Rhea Ripley and has been missing in action ever since, but we're eagerly awaiting her return and revenge.

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford

On the surface, Montez Ford and Seth Rollins may not seem to have too much in common, but there's one thing that both know all too well: what it feels like to have your wife main event WrestleMania when there are no plans for you to do so. Ford, however, actually seems pretty unfazed by the fact that his wife, Bianca Belair, is at this point a far bigger star than he is. When asked about seeing his wife's historic match with Sasha Banks, he told "The Bubba Show" that he found it inspirational, saying "You know what? If I ever get the chance to do the same thing on the WrestleMania stage, I am going to make sure I go all the way out like they did."

It might not come a surprise, then, to learn that, as Ford and Belair admitted to "ET," she was the one who made the first move. They met when both were working NXT shows in 2016, and after a somewhat bumpy start to the relationship, they finally walked down the aisle in 2018. Belair has since been enjoying the role of stepmom to Ford's kids from a previous marriage (via Fight Fans) but she's said that when they expand their family, both she and Ford will be taking a year off together to enjoy some baby bonding time before they get back to the family business of kicking butts and taking belts.

Booker T and Sharmelle

Booker T, now pushing 60, isn't exactly retired from the ring. While his role with WWE these days is that of a commentator, he's wrestled with his own Reality of Wrestling fed as recently as summer 2022 and has said he's nowhere near planning his own last match yet. His wife Sharmell, though 5 years younger than her husband, is long since retired from taking such an active role, although she, too, is involved with Reality of Wrestling. She's also now a WWE Hall of Famer, joining Undertaker and Vader as the 2022 inductees.

Sharmell, according to The Sportster, was a former dancer and beauty queen who started her wrestling career as a WCW Nitro Girl. When that promotion went kaput, she eventually landed a gig as a backstage interviewer with WWE before being dropped from the roster in 2002. When she came back to WWE in 2005, it was as Booker T's valet, and later in the year the two would marry. When Booker T won King of the Ring in 2006, she reigned at his side as Queen Sharmell, and the year after that, she left with him when he departed for TNA. While the couple's wrestling careers have undergone quite a few metamorphoses over the years, both are still employed in the business that is their shared passion. Their marriage, as well as their careers, also appears to be rock-solid.

Brandi and Cody Rhodes

Brandi and Cody Rhodes met in 2011 while both were signed to WWE (US Magazine says they bonded over a shared love of horror) and were still with the company when they wed in 2013. Still, they didn't really achieve that true "power duo" status until they left the company, toured the indies and Japan, and became first couple of AEW in 2019. When they had their first child in 2021, the event was thoroughly documented by their reality show "Rhodes to the Top." It wasn't Brandi's first trip round the reality-verse, as she'd earlier appeared on a show called "WAGS Atlanta" (which, sadly, had nothing to do with dogs).

As of the time of writing, Cody's had a cup of coffee back in WWE before getting himself re-injured, while Brandi remains unsigned despite the fact that she's been very vocal about wanting to get back in the ring.

Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson

Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson are one of wrestling's odder couples. He's known as one of the best technical wrestlers ever to step into a ring, while she is known for "twin magic" and co-starring in the reality show "Total Bellas" with her sister Nikki. Still, they do say that opposites attract, so there's that. The Sportster tells us that the Danielson/Bella match was another WWE romance scripted into being, although at one point it seemed like a tossup as to which twin would walk away with the "prize" as both sisters kayfabe-battled over Danielson (or Bryan, as he was then) while Michael Cole snarked in the background. Eventually both twins would ditch Danielson when they caught him smooching Gail Kim, but by this time (the whole mess taking place circa 2010) Brie and Danielson were dating for real.

The couple married in 2014 and welcomed their first child in 2016, the same year Danielson first retired. The second and third kids, as per People, would come along 5 years later. (Guess it's true about twins running in families.) Somewhere along the way, Brie would also become a vegan like her husband. Where she will not follow him, though, is all the way to AEW. Danielson joined the promotion in 2021, but both Bella twins appeared in WWE's 2022 Royal Rumble.

Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano, the one-time NXT star who's now appearing on "Raw," has had quite a lengthy career for a man who's only in his mid-30s. As he once told AZ Central, he turned pro at the age of 16, so he's going on his second decade in the business. His wife, Candice LeRae, is two years older, although she, too, got a pretty early start on her career when she was just 17. At the time the two met, they were both still in the indies, and they initially bonded over shared passions for mainstream geekery such as the Star Wars and Spider-Man franchises.

It seems the couple now have something else to share — well, several things, actually. Gargano left NXT in December of 2021, while LeRae left in May 2022 after having been out of action for a while. This means they both got to spend some time at home playing with Baby Wrestling, who came along in February. Before the child could bust out his first slingshot spear or curbstomp, though, Daddy and Mommy were both back with WWE under the new Triple H regime. This time around, however, they've finally made it to the big leagues as both are signed to "Raw."

Carmella and Corey Graves

Carmella and Corey Graves are the official TMI couple of WWE. She's still wrestling, and he's far more effective putting the smackdown on people with his mouth behind the announce table. They're the heel couple we love to hate onscreen, with 'Mella's ridiculous mask and Graves' hideous neck tattoos. Offscreen, there's also the fact that he's alleged to have started romancing Carmella while still married to his first wife, so that's problematic. 

Worst of all, though, was "Corey & Carmella" the short-lived reality show that demonstrated the couple's capacity to be cringe 24/7 — including candid descriptions of their sex lives. Graves told the New York Post, "It's 2022. Why are we still ashamed of this natural human activity?" 

Whatever your reaction to that may be, Graves and Carmella got married in April 2022. At least there hasn't been a new episode of their show since they tied the knot, though, and for that we are truly grateful.

Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo

While Charlotte Flair is the second-generation queen of WWE, Andrade El Idolo was a midcarder in that company and now occupies a similar slot in AEW. Still, Charlotte seems unfazed by the difference in status. During an interview with People at the time of their wedding, she credited her new husband with "open[ing] my eyes to travel and life and love and ... how to enjoy both life and work at the same time." Five months after Flair tapped out to Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania Backlash, she's yet to return to the ring. While Andrade has said "I hope she comes back soon," he's also added "Right now we are good because I get to see her more."

In fact, the air is thick with rumors that El Idolo is considering making a change himself in order to spend more time with his new bride. He's been throwing hands backstage with Sammy Guevara as well as dropping hint bombs all over social media that make it pretty clear he's not happy with his current employer. Does Andrade having the Nature Boy as a father-in-law give him enough clout to get hired on again by WWE, though, or are he and his wife forever to be separated by feuding companies?

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona are one of pro wrestling's lesser-known married couples among casual fans, but that has less to do with them keeping their relationship on the downlow and more to do with the fact that Cardona — formerly known as Zack Ryder — never quite achieved Hall of Fame status, while Green's own run with WWE was not an unqualified success. More recently, however, the couple have had a pretty good run of it working together in Impact Wrestling, plus they also found the time to get married in January 2022. 

The wedding, which took place in Las Vegas, was attended by a few of their former coworkers, including Dolph Ziggler, Maryse & The Miz, and Cody and Brandi Rhodes — in fact, as Fox 28 reveals, the latter couple actually introduced Green and Cardona. The two later renewed their vows during GCW Homecoming in August of 2022, with Cardona dressed as Randy Savage from his on-screen marriage to Miss Elizabeth.

Lana and Miro

WWE isn't always in the business of keeping couples apart — during their pandemic-era mass releasing, they dumped the superstar formerly known as Rusev, then a year later (via News18), they released his wife Lana, as well. Fans hoped she'd join the rechristened Miro on AEW, but even though she's said she wants to wrestle again, to date she's yet to sign with any company. Back when the twosome were together in WWE, they worked with each other on numerous occasions. At times it may have seemed like their marriage was kayfabe, but instead it was Lana's affairs with Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Lashley that were as phony as her Russian accent.

While Miro told YouTuber Chris Van Vliet that he and Lana originally bonded over their shared Eastern European background, he really is Bulgarian while his wife (real name CJ Perry) is a native Floridian who lived in Latvia as a child due to her father's missionary work. Still, we're sure Miro figured that out long ago and he and Lana are still together. They have wrestling in common, after all, plus both of them are very religious. Yes, that Redeemer character is no act -– as Miro once told the New York Post, "nobody is used to religion talk in professional wrestling," but he loves AEW for letting him be himself. That's the reason he signed a lengthy contract extension, so it looks like he'll be sticking around whether or not Lana joins him.

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett

Back in 2005, Maria Kanellis met someone she told Mickie James was "the man I'm gonna marry." That man ... was CM Punk, thus proving that prognostication is not really Kanellis' forte. Although the couple did date for a few years, Sportskeeda notes that Punk had previously dated James, as well, and would go on to have a number of relationships with other wrestlers before settling down with AJ Mendes. Luckily for Kanellis, she would eventually meet her own special someone, that being Mike Bennett.

Bennett and Kanellis were dating by 2011 when she was in WWE and he was signed to Ring of Honor. By the time they married in 2014, PW Insider reports that he was still with ROH and she was "resting between engagements," as they say. The couple eventually found themselves employed by WWE at the same time, but then both of them got the boot in 2020. Most recently, the twosome signed with AEW along with fellow Kingdom member Mike Taven. While their debut was met with a mixed reaction by wrestling fans on Twitter, there's no doubt this heel couple (plus one) can take all the heat and come back for more.

Maryse and The Miz

Yet another mixed pair of heels whose names both start with M are the Mizanins, aka the Miz and his Mrs. Maryse. The couple first met, as per US Magazine, when she auditioned for WWE Diva Search in 2006. She didn't make it past the second round, but was later signed to a developmental contract and would be appearing on "SmackDown" by 2008. While WWE would "wish [her] the best in all of her future endeavors" in October of 2011, they weren't rid of her that easily, since she'd be marrying The Miz two years later. By 2016, Maryse was back in the ring supporting her spouse. This is a position she has yet to relinquish and likely won't give up without a hell of a fight.

In addition to their shared wrestling career, the Mizanins also have two daughters together, with both girls having the family's signature alliterative names: Monroe was born in 2018, while Madison followed in 2019. In 2022 the family adopted a dog, but perhaps they'd run out of "M" names by then since he goes by "Wolf" instead. The Miz also returned to his reality TV roots in 2018 with the debut of "Miz and Mrs." the USA Network.

Mia Yim and Keith Lee

While Mia Yim and Keith Lee appeared together for several years in WWE, both starting out in NXT and then working their way up to the main roster, Sportskeeda says they actually started dating sometime prior to signing on with Vince McMahon and Co. When they left the company, though, they left together, as both got their pink slips in November of 2021. Yim and Lee made the most of their hiatus from wrestling, however, as they got married in 2022. Wedding guest Shelton Benjamin, posting to Instagram about the wedding, revealed that the officiant was the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley. If you take a close look at the wedding cake photo, you can also see that the topper was made to look like Yim and Lee dressed as Star Wars characters (although their actual wedding attire was more conventional).

A few days after the wedding, Lee made his AEW debut, and in July he and partner Swerve Strickland won the AEW World Tag Team title (and then dropped it to The Acclaimed two months later). As for Yim, she signed on with Impact, instead, before returning to the WWE in November of 2022. When asked why she didn't follow her new husband to AEW, Yim told Metro that it was her own personal preference since the couple don't feel they need to be joined at the hip or bundled as a package deal. As she puts it, "As long as we support each other with whatever it is, we don't always have to be together!"

Michelle McCool and Undertaker

While Michelle McCool was a pretty good wrestler in her own right back in the day, today she is known first and foremost as Mrs. Undertaker. Well, that's pretty much the way it's going to be if you marry anyone who's at that level. Even now, when women's wrestling is taken far more seriously than it was in the Divas era, it's hard to think of any women (or men, for that matter) who are poised to achieve 'Taker's level of superstardom.

While McCool and her Deadman have been together a dozen years now (they married in 2010, making theirs the longest-lasting of his three marriages), they had a pretty rough go of it in the beginning. As McCool told the "Chasing Glory" podcast, she got major backstage heat for dating a top guy and says this is the reason why she ended up retiring in 2011. Nine years later, her husband joined her in retirement (he swears he's not going to pull a Rick Flair and keep coming back for one last hurrah, but it's early days yet), so apart from those periodic 1 Deadman shows he does, as far as we know Mr. and Mrs. Taker are just sitting around at home. In fact, that's exactly what they are doing in a photo published by Inside the Ropes. McCool and their daughter look pretty happy, 'Taker not so much ... but then, maybe he's just got resting dead face after all these years.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso

Naomi and Jimmy Uso used to be one of WWE's premier couples — and, who knows, perhaps they will be, again. Jimmy and his brother Jey have been "SmackDown" tag team champions for over a year and have held the "Raw" championship for a few months as well, while Naomi, too, has held a tag team championship along with her former partner Sasha Banks.

According to E! Online, Naomi and Jimmy (shoot names Trinity and Jonathan Fatu) started dating back in 2009 when both were newly signed to WWE, and they finally married in 2014. Jimmy was the one who wanted to marry sooner, while Naomi wanted to wait until she was well and truly established in the business. While it may have been awkward for Jimmy when Naomi was at odds with Vince McMahon back in May, he nevertheless stood by his wife. As SportsKeeda reports, an Instagram story he posted a few days after the incident made it clear that he was 100% on her side. Whether or not she ever returns to WWE, it seems the two of them are good.

Natalya Neidhart and Tyson Kidd

Natayla, aka the Queen of Harts, was pretty much predestined to become a wrestler, and it was a forgone conclusion that she'd marry one, as well. It is, after all, the Hart family business, so she's spent her entire life around wrestlers. In fact, as The Sportster points out, she met her husband Tyson Kidd when she was just 12 and he was 14 and started training in the Hart Family Dungeon. Kind of young, but then, Nattie herself was likely in training as an infant.

While the two may have originally had more of a brother/sister type of relationship, by the time Natalya was 19 and Kidd was 21 they'd moved on to dating. Once both were signed to WWE, they would work as a trio called the Hart Dynasty along with her cousin David Hart Smith. While Kidd and Niedhart were living as a married couple, they never actually went through the whole wedding ceremony with the white dress, tux, and rings until 2013. The reason they finally wed was kind of a goofy one — it seems "Total Divas" wanted to cover the wedding, so they basically did it for the ratings like true sports entertainers. While Kidd had to retire from the ring after a serious injury suffered in 2015, he's still working for WWE as producer. Nattie, of course, is still wrestling and as this point is the last Hart left standing in a WWE ring.

Nikki Cross and Big Damo

Nikki Cross comes from Glasgow, Scotland, and Big Damo (Killian Dain in WWE) hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and as Sportskeeda relates, they initially got together when wrestling on the UK's indie circuit. The two initially kept their relationship under wraps when they came up to NXT — as Damo told Wrestling Inc, "We actually didn't tell WWE we were dating because we didn't want it to be a reason why one of us would get signed or the other one would get signed." Even when word got out, they went on to form part of the successful SanitY faction. By the time they married in 2019, however, Cross was on the main roster while Damo, following a short "SmackDown" stint, was back in NXT.

In 2021, Damo was let go from WWE, while Nikki had to start playing the wannabe-superhero Nikki A.S.H. Damo was supportive of her new gimmick, telling WrestleTalk, "I'm like, 'Hey Nikki, you're the sugarmomma now, so you need to do well here." All kidding aside, he brought up the fact that in order to attract a young audience, wrestling needs to add fun stuff like Nikki's new character. As of late, however, Nikki's dropped the A.S.H. and adopted a harder edge, while Damo, as per CageMatch, is wrestling anywhere and everywhere. As he told Cultaholic Wrestling, though, he wouldn't rule out a WWE return if asked, especially if it meant a chance for SanitY to get back together again.

Sable and Brock Lesnar

Sable made her in-ring debut on the grandest stage of all, acting as valet to Triple H at WrestleMania XII. She didn't attend The Game for long, though, but eventually she did start wrestling in her own right. She left WWE in 1999 and came back for a brief run in the early '00s, but has been pretty much retired since that time. Instead, her full-time job these days seems to be being Mrs. Brock Lesnar. The two married in 2006 (via WrestleZone), at which time she was 38 and he a decade younger. Sportskeeda adds that they now have two sons together, one born in 2009 and the other in 2010 (Lesnar also has two children from a prior relationship, as well).

While the Beast Incarnate may be a man of many talents, one thing he's awful at is making romantic gestures. As he recalled on "ESPN Highly Questionable" (h/t Essentially Sports), he once tricked his wife into thinking one of the kids had swallowed her wedding ring, and he didn't even come clean (so to speak) when she resorted to going through the dirty diapers to see if the ring had come out again. It was supposed to be a setup for getting her a new ring, but it probably didn't play out quite as he'd imagined. Amazingly enough, the couple are still together, but for Sable's sake we hope her child(ish) groom has grown up a bit since that prank

Sarah Logan and Erik

As the Triple H era of WWE has been kicking off, there have been quite a few wrestlers returning to the company that showed them the door not so long ago. One is Sarah Logan, who is now teaming up with her real-life husband, Erik of the Viking Raiders (real name Raymond Rowe). Logan and Rowe started dating back when they were both still working the indie circuit, and Sportskeeda notes that she was the breakout start of the couple, signed to WWE's main roster while her boyfriend was still in NXT. They were apparently engaged for a few years, but didn't get around to actually marrying until 2018.

The couple's wedding ceremony, as can be seen in photos of the event, was a Viking-themed one. Erik/Raymond tweeted out a shot of the newlyweds in costume, while Liv Morgan shared one with all three Riott Squad members. Her pink hair, hipster beanie, and granny glasses, however, along with Ruby's semi-shaved head, were more than a little anachronistic. While Morgan and Ruby (now Soho) are unlikely to dress up like that again, we're looking forward to seeing Logan donning more Viking apparel on "SmackDown."

Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross

Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross, unlike some other under-the-radar wrestling couples, have long been paired together onscreen. They got together back when both were working for Impact Wrestling in 2018, according to The Sportster, and both of them made the move to NXT together in 2020. They were briefly separated when Kross made it to the main roster in 2021 while Scarlett stayed in NXT, but within a few months both of them would get their walking papers. The couple were engaged by that time, so they, like their fellow exiled NXT mates Mia Yim and Keith Lee, would put their down time to good use by getting married.

As per Inside the Ropes, the wedding took place in April of 2022. It must have been a very small ceremony, as they took a helicopter to a remote Alaskan location to exchange vows in the freezing cold (apparently a popular, if pricey, wedding package, but they no doubt saved a fortune on the reception). According to a video Kross posted to his YouTube channel, Scarlett kept her game face on even when forced to stand out on a glacier wearing a strapless dress. While the couple kept busy working the indies after the wedding (with Scarlett making a few bucks on OnlyFans as well), they've been able to work together again since Triple H called them back to WWE in August.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

While Stephanie McMahon and Hunter Heart Helmsley come in close to the bottom of this list for strictly alphabetical reasons, there's no doubt they're pro wrestling's First Couple. Stephanie, after all, is the heiress to the dynasty that built WWE from the ground up, while Triple H is leading the promotion into a new era. While the two of them seem poised to conquer the world together, they didn't have an easy time of it when their relationship first began. They started dating in 2000, but US Magazine says that Stephanie's dad didn't want her getting involved with a wrestler so he soon ordered them to split up. While they did so at first, they soon worked up the courage to defy Vince (or at least sneak around behind his back). Finally he gave in and not only let them date, but even permitted them to marry in October of 2003.

There are now three Levesque daughters (that being The Game's shoot last name), and according to Stephanie's Instagram, the three have even been known to paint Daddy's toenails. (Bet they wouldn't dare try that with Grandpa, though.) After nearly 20 years of marriage, Triple H and Stephanie have truly been together through thick and thin, from his serious illness and retirement to her leave of absence and then the abrupt return to WWE necessitated by Vince's legal troubles. No matter what comes next, though, it's clear they've got each other's backs, now and always.

Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara

From the ultimate power couple to the ultimate cringe couple ... the latter being Tay and Sammy, of course. Just what makes them two AEW's most hated twosome? Where to begin ... The arrogance, the smug smiles, and far too much PDA. Plus, AEW fans have yet to forget how Guevara went down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend during a very special AEW Dynamite back in 2021 (via Metro). It wasn't Melo to whom he popped the question, though, but his now ex-girlfriend Pam Nizio who'd been with him back when he was poor and unknown. Kind of the ultimate heel move, to propose to your long-time girlfriend, then dump her as soon as someone hotter and more famous comes along.

According to Tay Melo, though, Pam's totally cool with the fact that Sammy started dating someone new a hot minute after the two broke up (Melo swears they didn't get together before the split). She also claims that the three of them are now all friends. 

Sammy and his new squeeze did actually tie the knot in September of 2022, as he posted on his Instagram, and, well, at least they do appear to be a pretty well-matched pair, for what that's worth.

Zelina Vega and Malakai Black

While some couples on this list seem like they're perfectly matched, there are other pairings where the initial reaction is more like, what, seriously? Perhaps the best example of this is that of WWE star Zelina Vega, aka Queen Zelina, and Malakai Black of AEW. Sportskeeda says the two began dating when they were in NXT, but apparently they kept it under wraps pretty well. Actually, this was deliberate because Vega was acting as valet to Andrade when he was feuding with Black. As Vega recalled in an appearance on "Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia," when she told Triple H she was getting married, he assumed that she'd be marrying Andrade (who, as you'll recall, is now Mr. Charlotte Flair).

Black and Vega have been married since 2018, but they haven't worked together since Black was released from WWE in 2021 and subsequently signed with AEW. Black took a leave of absence in September 2022, prompting Dave Meltzer to speculate that he was angling for a return to WWE (via TJR Wrestling). Black, however, soon squashed those rumors and has since returned.

He and Vega are already thinking long-term. WrestleTalk reports that they're building a performance center in Florida so they can start training next-gen wrestlers.