Elimination Chamber: WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

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WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Cena vs. Kofi Kingston

John Cena entered a pod first, followed by Ted Dibiase, Randy Orton and Triple H. Kofi Kingston and Sheamus then come in next, so they are starting the match. It will be Kofi vs. Sheamus for five minutes, when another wrestler will be released from their pod.

Kofi starts off hot, but Sheamus is able to gain the advantage and dominates the majority of the first five minutes. The buzzer goes off, and Triple H is in next.

Triple H and Sheamus start off none so nose while Kofi is recovering on the steel apron. Triple H dominates Sheamus early, working the champion over with punches, kicks and clotheslines. Sheamus went for the Razor's Edge, but Triple H was able to counter with a DDT for a two count. Kofi came off the top rop with a flying crossbody on Sheamus for another two count. He nailed Triple H and sent The Game out of the ring.

The five minutes are up and Randy Orton is in next, and explodes on Sheamus, Triple H and Kofi. Orton dominated all three in the opening moments and took turns driving Sheamus' head into the cage, followed by ramming Triple H's head in the steel structure. Kofi broke it up with a flying splash on everyone. Orton rolls back into the ring and continues to dominate the match.

Ted Dibiase is in next to complete silence. Dibiase goes after Kofi and HHH early, and offers his hand to Orton, who accepts. Orton and Dibiase then start double teaming the other participants. They take turns double teaming each wrestler, even DDTing HHH on the steel apron for the entire five minutes.

John Cena is finally in next and explodes on Orton and Dibiase. He delivers the Attitude Adjustment on Dibiase over the top rope on the steel apron. Cena throws Orton into the cage and locks the STF on Dibiase, before Orton breaks it up. Cody Rhodes hits the cageside area and throws a pipe to Dibiase. Dibiase then nailed Orton with the pipe and then Cena. He looks down and Orton and goes for the pin, and gets the 1-2-3! Ted Dibiase eliminated Randy Orton

Dibiase's success was short-lived, as Kofi nailed him with his kick to eliminate him. Kofi Kingston eliminated Ted Dibiase

Sheamus quickly gets in and takes advantage of Kingston, and nails him with the Razor's Edge to eliminate Kofi. Sheamus eliminated Kofi Kingston

We are now down to Sheamus, John Cena and Triple H. Sheamus went for the Razor's Edge on John Cena, but Triple H broke it up and hit Sheamus with the pedigree and got the three count! Triple H eliminated Sheamus

We are now down to John Cena vs. Triple H, with the winner walking out with the WWE Championship. Cena almost immediately locks in the STF on HHH and holds it in for several minutes. HHH keeps trying to make the ropes and can't make it, and finally taps.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

Vince McMahon comes out and says Cena is going to WrestleMania as long as he can defend his title against Batista right now!

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