Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

We start tonight with a video montage of the events leading up to The Brogue Kick ban from last week, including the footage from RAW.

Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo, and David Otunga are in the ring. Del Rio thanks Booker for banning the Brogue Kick. Ricardo thanks all his fans for their support, his mom and his Chihuahua. He is still wearing a neck brace and he begins to cry. Otunga, who is also wearing a neck brace, says Sheamus is a reckless brute and now his vertebrate might be ruptured. Del Rio says they are not the only ones suffering from the Kick and sends to a video of Night of Champions from last year where Sheamus delivered the Kick to Christian. Del Rio welcomes Christian via satellite.

Christian is in a sling and tells Del Rio to just get this over with. He says he is one of the toughest guys there is. He says Del Rio is pompous and he doesn't like him. He says he is not doing this for Del Rio or even himself, he is doing it for the boys. Christian says he has never been the same since he was hit with the Brogue Kick. He has lost about a year of his career and he hates to say this about Sheamus but the Kick should stay banned. Otunga cuts him off and says that's all they needed and the feed disappears. Del Rio starts to blab some more when Daniel Bryan's music hits.

He bickers with the fans about the dueling chants and says he's only here to say thank you. He thanks the three men for bringing this case to light. He says he has also been a victim. He puts over the goat face gimmick some and says if he does have a goat face it's because Sheamus has kicked him in it so many times. Bryan says Booker has put him in a WrestleMania rematch tonight. He says when Sheamus used that illegal Kick to defeat him in 18 seconds it was the most embarrassing moment of his life. The crowd starts to chant "Brogue Kick." He loses it and tells them to shut up.

Sheamus music hits and he comes on the stage and tells a joke about his female uncle and walks on the apron. He says Bryan lost at WM not because of the Kick but because of him. He tells them that after he beats them, if they don't learn history, they're doomed to repeat it. Otunga walks over to him and starts talking. Sheamus tears off his neck brace and Otunga's neck hits the top rope and goes down.

Sin Cara walks toward the ring as we go to commercial.

They show a graphic of Jerry Lawler and Cole says Lawler is working hard to recover and fans can send him wishes and #GetWellJerry.

Sin Cara makes his entrance followed by The Miz

Sin Cara vs. The Miz

The lights go down and here we go. Miz takes the early advantage and stomps Cara to the mat and has to be called off by the ref. Cara ducks a clothesline and hits a head-scissor takedown which sends Miz out. Miz hits an elbow to a rushing Cara from outside the ring as we go to commercial.

We're back and Miz is in control in the ring. He pounds Cara on the mat and then in the corner. Miz executes his running clothesline-in-the-corner spot and a flying double axe-handle from up top; he hooks the outside leg and Cara kicks out at 1. Miz hits a combination of neckbreakers and gets 2. Miz misses in the corner and they both struggle to get up. Cara lands some kicks to Miz' leg and hits another head-scissors takedown and a kick to the face. They counter each other in a nice exchange and Cara twists and turns him into a pin.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara

Still to come: Orton vs. Tensai and Bryan vs. Sheamus

We go to commercial.

Miz walks with his Intercontinental Tile on his shoulder in the back and is approached by Matt Striker. Striker says this Sunday he faces an unknown opponent and asks Miz his thoughts. Cody comes into the shot and they start to bicker. Rey Mysterio shows up and says he pinned Miz last week so he deserves a shot at the title. Sin Cara shows up and points to the title. Teddy Long comes in and says of behalf of Booker T, Miz will defend in a Fatal Four-Way.

We go to crowd shots as Cole and Josh send to a video of Kane and Bryan's anger management sessions from Raw. We go to the back where Kane is squeezing a ball with his anger management instructor, Dr. Shelby, on a couch. Bryan shows up and says he's doing it wrong: it's supposed to be in the left hand. They start arguing about both wanting to be the next champion. Dr. Shelby gets up and says "I see that you both have balls." Kane and Bryan both hold up their stress balls. The doc says, "When you squeeze them it helps you feel better. It helps relieve stress. Squeeze the balls and feel the anger wash away. Relax and squeeze." Kane shows his ball and says, "Mine's bigger than yours," and leaves. Bryan looks at his ball and says, "Is it?" We go to commercial.

Kofi comes to the ring as we see a graphic of Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi & Truth this Sunday at Night of Champions for the tag straps. Kane comes to the ring.

Kane vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi lands some early kicks but Kane won't go down. Kane lands a knife-hand strike to the throat and takes over on Kofi in the corner. Kane turns the table in Kane's arms and hits a DDT. Kofi flies off the top but gets caught by the throat; Kane hits a chokeslam for the win.

Winner by pin: Kane

Dr. Shelby walks on the stage and gives a disappointed look to Kane with his arms crossed. Kane goes back in the ring and picks Kofi up by the neck. The doc looks at him expectantly and Kane hugs Kofi as the doc claps for him. The look on Kofi's face is priceless. Kane walks up the ramp and walks to the back with Dr. Shelby.

Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton in the back. Orton is bored with Striker's questions about Tensai and Ziggler. He talks about Night of Champions and the possibility of Ziggler cashing in his briefcase thus giving Orton the opportunity to be champion that night. He ends by saying regardless, he just doesn't like Ziggler. We go to commercial.

Randy Orton vs. Tensai

They lock-up and Tensai gets in a kick off the break. Orton fights back but Tensai swats away a dropkick. Tensai misses with an elbow as Orton drops repeated knees to the head. Tensai hits a knife-hand strike to the throat and Orton falls straight back. Tensai takes over in the corner. The ref pulls him off and Orton gets a small offense going but Tensai resumes and knocks Orton down and out with a shoulderblock. Tensai goes out and throws Orton back in. Orton dropkicks him out of the ring as we go to commercial.

We're back and Tensai hits a tackle in the corner and connects with a splash in the corner from the 2nd turnbuckle. He gets 2. We see that during the break, Tensai had sent Orton's back into the steel post on the floor. Tensai keeps the pressure on and applies a Claw to the shoulder of Orton. Orton fights up and out and hits a headbutt and a powerslam. Tensai tries to escape and makes it to the apron. Orton intercepts him and plants him with his patented DDT but only gets 2. Orton stomps Tensai's head on the mat. Orton takes out Sakamoto on the apron and coils up. Tensai avoids the RKO and hits the double-fisted chokeslam but misses with the Senton Splash. Orton hits the RKO for the win.

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

Vickie Guerrero comes on the stage and says Dolph Ziggler didn't appreciate his comments from earlier. She says that per her advisement, Ziggler has taken the night off. She says Ziggler will defeat him this Sunday and he will never be a World Champion again. Orton says he's standing in the ring with his back turned talking to her and that can only mean one thing: he swings around just as Ziggler tries to enter the ring from behind and Ziggler changes his mind. We go to commercial.

Antonio Cesaro is in the ring with Aksana. Cesaro says he is appalled that a battle royal will decide who he will defend his United States Title against at Night of Champions. He says there is only one word that can describe how he is feeling right now: he says "outraged" in 5 languages. Tyson Kidd' music hits. Kidd says Cesaro can run his mouth in as many languages as he wants but he'll put it to him in Canadian: after this Sunday he will be the former U.S Champ "Eh." Cesaro clocks him and tosses him out. Cesaro asks, "Anybody else?" Brodus Clay comes out as Cesaro tries to calm him down. Clay won't let him leave and Cesaro turns around into a kick from Kidd from the apron and a headbutt and a splash from Clay. Clay and Kidd dance in the ring. We go to commercial.

Wade Barrett makes his entrance to the stage and says everyone is either too scared or too stupid to know what he meant by "Wade Barrett is open for business." He says, Next week one lucky person will get to sample the product. And after that business will be booming."

Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix

We see a Tout from Eve who says regardless of who wins this Sunday, it is good for the Divas Division. Beth applies a headlock, early, and tells the ref to "ask her." Layla watches on a monitor in the back. Kaitlyn hits a shoulderblock and goes for a German Suplex but Beth runs her throat into the ropes. Beth gets caught with a big boot in the corner but is able to drag Kaitlyn off the top. Beth goes for the Glam Slam but Kaitlyn counters into a reverse DDT for the win.

Winner by pin: Kaitlyn

We go to commercial.

The RAW Rebound is shown followed by the rundown of the card for this Sunday's Night of Champions.

Eve tells Booker in his office that he did the right thing in banning the Brogue Kick. Teddy Long concurs. They have some miscommunication on the fist-bump. Eve says they have important things to discuss and she and Booker leave. Teddy looks disappointed and confused about the fist-bump fail.

Sheamus makes his entrance. We go to commercial.

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and tries not to lash out at the fans for saying, "Yes!" His facials are priceless as always.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and here we go. Sheamus hits a shoulderblock as Otunga, Ricardo, and Del Rio look-on from a monitor in the back. Bryan tries to meditate in the corner as they lock-up and Sheamus hits another shoulder and catches Bryan in mid-air and delivers a rolling Senton for 2. Sheamus clotheslines Bryan out of the ring. Cole and Josh put over Sheamus' new finisher: The Clover Leaf. Bryan grabs Sheamus goes on the apron and Bryan grabs his leg causing him to bounce off to the outside. Bryan follows up with a vicious running front dropkick to the chest. Back in the ring, Bryan hits a running dropkick in the corner as he bickers with the fans and gets 2 on Sheamus. Bryan starts to work the left arm and lands kicks to Sheamus as he tries to fight back from his knees.

Bryan stays on the arm. Sheamus works his way up and breaks free but Bryan hits a knee to the gut. Bryan wastes too much time waving-off the "Yes!" chants and gives Sheamus the opportunity to move out of the way when Bryan charges in the corner. Sheamus powers his weight up top and comes off with a battering ram. They both struggle to get up. Sheamus hits axe-handles and a series of offense including the Irish Curse backbreaker for 2. Sheamus goes for the Clover Leaf but Bryan kicks him off. Sheamus hits his patented forearms in the ropes. Bryan ducks a charging Sheamus from the apron and rolls him up for 2. Bryan lands several No Kicks and gets 2.

Bryan starts shaking his head as the fans antagonize him with Yes chants. He lands some more kicks to a seated Sheamus. Sheamus catches his leg and throws him to the corner. Bryan goes up top comes off but Sheamus catches him in Rock Bottom fashion; Bryan applies a neck submission as he hangs on to Sheamus like a monkey. Sheamus goes to one knee but he gets back up and throws Bryan off. Bryan goes for the No Lock but Sheamus counters. Sheamus hits another Irish Curse and locks in the Clover Leaf. Bryan is unable to make it to the ropes and finally taps out as he says, "Yes!" Del Rio, Otunga and Ricardo don't look happy.

Winner by submission: Sheamus


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