Because of the Christmas Holiday next week, WWE taped tonight's episode of RAW last Tuesday night from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks to readers Niki and Bobby Zynosky (@TheRealRZynosky) for sending in these results:

Santa Claus was out to open RAW. Alberto Del Rio's music hit, and he came out and hit Santa with his BMW. Santa gave his thumbs up, so he's OK.

Kane vs. Cody Rhodes is up first. Back and forth match, Kane finally wins after a chokeslam.

An eight Divas Santa's Little Helpers match is up next, pitting Natalya, Alicia Foxx, Caitlyn and Layla vs Rosa Mendes, Eve, Aksana and Tamina. The match ends with each Diva hitting their heel/face alternate finishers until Kaitlyn hits Eve with hers to pick up the win.

A Jumber-"Jack Frost" match is next. The car accident area is roped off with crime scene tape. Lumberjacks come out. 3MB is harassing the announcers. They are all sent to the back for what appears to be a re-tape. They come back with Santa hats. The Jumber-"Jack Frost" match begins, it's World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show vs. Sheamus in a non-title match. Sheamus defeated Big Show with a Brogue kick. A melee ensued afterward, with the heels taking off and the faces in the ring with Santa hats.

David Otunga comes out and talks about Santa Claus and Alberto Del Rio, and says that Del Rio was the victim. Zack Ryder came out and interrupted him and challenged Otunga to a match. Ryder pinned Otunga after a Rough Ryder.

Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz and Kofi Kingston is up next. The Miz pinned Barrett after hitting the SCF for the win.

Brad Maddox comes out singing, "Brad Maddox is coming to RAW." He waits for his opponent, and Hornswoggle comes out dressed like an elf. Hornswoggle appeared to be the opponent, but then The Great Khali came out. Maddox attacked Khali's knees, but Khali nailed him with a hard chop and won with the chokeslam. After the match, Khali and Hornswoggle both dance and tell Santa to get well soon. Khali sings "Merry Christmas" and WWE Champion CM Punk comes out.

Punk mocks Khali's singing and Pittsburgh. A "Here we go Steelers" chant breaks out. Punk complains about Ryback not being punished for injuring him. Heyman takes the mic and tells the crowd that they shouldn't boo Punk, and touts Punk's 400-day reign. Out comes Ryback. Ryback says that in two weeks on January 7th -- if Punks' healthy -- they will have their TLC match.

Daniel Bryan defeated Damien Sandow with the "No-Lock."

A big "12 days of Christmas, 12 man tag match match" is next. The Usos, Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd, Santino Marella and Justin Gabriel defeated 3MB, The Primetime Players & Tensai after one of the Usos pinned Heath Slater following a top rop splash.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio in a "Miracle on 34th Street" match is up now. Ricardo cries for Santa while announcing Del Rio. Del Rio is beating on Cena with a mic saying that the wreck was an accident.

Cena turns the tables and opens a present to find a chair and hits ADR with it. They continue to open presents to find weapons, including a chair, a pie, a monitor, a bowling ball and a fire extinguisher. The match appears to be no-DQ, but nothing was announced. Del Rio hit Cena with the teddy bear to no avail. There was a "use the tree" chant and Cena hit ADR with a Christmas tree. Cena took the bowling ball and rolled it down the ramp between Del Rio's legs, and then does it a second time. He then takes the fire extinguisher and shoots it in Del Rio's face. Ricardo jumps on Cena's back, but Santa comes out and clubs Ricardo. Santa then took out a sock and gave Del Rio the mandible claw, which forced Del Rio to run into an AA from Cena. Santa is Mick Foley, I had no idea. Cena wins the match.

After the match, Santa Foley gave the "bang bang" taunt and gave Ricardo an action figure and a hug. He tried to give Del Rio his book and a couple of other items. Cena thanks the crowd for being there for the long night. Foley tells the crowd to "have a nice holiDAY" to end the show.

Anthony DeMarco and Daniel Purcell contributed to this article.