Alexa Bliss Reveals How She Used Her Love Of Disney To Get Her Job At NXT

Alexa Bliss seems to have found her niche as a heel on WWE television, but when she first arrived in NXT her character was much different and bordered on fantasy. She recently spoke to Not Sam Wrestling about her transformation from fairy princess to the Five Feet Of Fury, but in reality her personality is much more akin to a Disney princess than a villain.

"So that was me, okay? That's the thing!" Bliss exclaimed when speaking about her NXT babyface character. "I love all things Disney and it was my idea to throw glitter and wear a tutu and if you ever look back at my first tutu it went down to my knees, it was really embarrassing."

Bliss realized she was targeting young Disney fans with her gimmick and that was her intention. She wanted to portray a character for children who watched NXT as she continued telling a story about how she made a bold comment during her initial interview with WWE that should have been a huge clue that she wanted to bring a little Magic Kingdom to the WWE Performance Center.

"My tryout -- I was asked why I wanted to be in WWE," Bliss said. "Mind you my tryout, I had submitted a video. I was apparently the only person who submitted my own video to get the tryout and it was a casting call so there were all these models walking around and I texted my mom like, 'Well I'm not making it.' I texted my mom and I was like, 'I'm five foot, these girls are Hollywood models walking around.' They told us to do something to make us stand out and I remember thinking of American Idol people making themselves look like idiots so I wasn't gonna do that.

"So I was asked why I wanted to be in WWE and just to get the attention -- because I was a fan too, you know what I mean? Like I walked in and I saw Triple H and I said, 'Oh my god do you know you're Triple H?!' Oh that was me -- totally me. I did that.

"I remember these other girls in the tryout who walked in and didn't know who he was and I almost had a heart attack -- 'Oh my god, you're Triple H! Did you know you're Triple H and you're in the same room as me?!'... very embarrassing, but they asked me why I wanted to be in WWE. And to stand out I said, 'I really want to be Tinker Bell at Disney and I'm hoping this gets my foot in the door.'"

Bliss said the joke caught their attention and caused them to look at her, but what really captured their interest was how Bliss revealed her lifelong WWE fandom.

The first few times Bliss appeared on NXT television, she portrayed a happy fairy that blew glitter at the camera and her opponent. She ended up getting her wish of playing a character like Tinker Bell, but she was briefly banned from using glitter due to the messiness a gimmick like that carries with it.

"When I was 'Glitter Glitz' I pitched for the whole room to go blue like Rey Mysterio," Bliss revealed, "they were like, 'no.' I was like, 'what if it rained glitter?' they were like, 'no.' Actually, I got banned from using glitter for a little bit because the match after me Tyler Breeze had glitter all over his back.

"They made me wear little gloves on my hands to blow the glitter and take them off, but they were socks because I never had gloves so I had to cut socks -- I'm thrifty."

Bliss' arrival on the main roster as part of the 2016 WWE Draft surprised several fans, but she soon showed SmackDown Live that she had more ability than what was shown on NXT's weekly television show. She acknowledged the fact that although she was an underwhelming draft pick, she had confidence in her promo abilities to carry her through. Bliss became much more comfortable cutting her teeth on the main roster in time as she realized that she belonged on WWE's main roster.

"I think during the draft," Bliss revealed when discussing at what point she started to feel comfortable in the ring. "It wasn't like, 'This is where I belong.' It was like, 'I gotta show this is where I belong.'

"Because in NXT, obviously, I wasn't a 4 Horsewoman, I wasn't something that people were excited to see. But, it's true! I'll admit that! You know what I mean? I was a very underwhelming draft pick, I was. I remember my first promo on SmackDown, it was during the Draft I remember thinking, 'Okay if there's one thing I can do it is somewhat speak on a microphone and if that's gonna set me aside' -- because we had everyone drafted at the same time. So what's gonna separate you from everyone else? I was like, 'okay I can kinda talk some crap.'

"Then my first promo had a word like 'Blissertation' and I went, 'What the hell is this?' I was like, 'This is my moment and I'm gonna mess up?' It was that moment when I was in Gorilla [Position] and I was standing back there and I was like, 'Okay, I'm not gonna lie people are not excited to see me here so I gotta come in under the radar and kick down the door and show that I deserve to be here.' I wasn't an indie wrestler, I was never a 4 Horsewoman, I was never in a TakeOver match, I never held a title... I was a manager and so I had to show that I deserve to be here and if they're not gonna see it I'm gonna force them to see it."

Bliss was a part of Triple H's WrestleMania 30 entrance as she wore a mask alongside other future main roster Superstars like Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Her first WrestleMania as a competitor came three years later and saw her defending the SmackDown Women's Title against any available woman on the roster, but it was unexpected pyrotechnics during her entrance that really caught Little Miss Bliss' attention.

"I would say my favorite WrestleMania, in general, was 30, but in my career, it was last year," Bliss said. "Because I got to do that really cool entrance. That was so cool. I was terrified, but it was really cool. I loved last year's WrestleMania because it was in Orlando and my family got to be there.

"It was just a lot of fun. Like I didn't know in Orlando's WrestleMania, I didn't know I had pyro. You can see it on film. So it was so funny because all of the other girls got pyro and I'm like, 'that's crazy, they get pyro! Do we get pyro?' The other girls were like, 'no I don't think we get pyro.' And I walk out and there's pyro and I jump because no one told me that I was gonna have fireworks going off behind me. It was a good surprise but you see me jump about a foot on the entrance."

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