Former AWA Announcer On His Experience With Hulk Hogan Interacting With African American Wrestlers

Former AWA and WWE announcer Ken Resnick was a recent guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to promote the re-launch of Ring Warriors, debuting on September 15 with tapings beginning this month.

Among the various topics we discussed, including the art of old school characters hurting the current product and how promos were not scripted back in the AWA and early WWE days, Resnick shared his thoughts on Hulk Hogan being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the incident that kicked him out of it.

"I worked with Hulk in the AWA, I worked with Hulk in the [WWE], but we also spent time together. We spent a lot of off-camera time together talking. I saw the way he was in dressing rooms with other people and those comments and those comments he made were absolutely disappointing. But I can tell you in all the years I had known Hulk I never, ever saw anything close to that," said Resnick. "Never saw that side of him. He certainly worked with and did programs with African-American wrestlers... he always liked them, respected them.

"I'd like to think that everybody has a breaking point and when those comments came out, he was going through the bitter, very public divorce with Linda, his son was going through everything as a result of that horrible car accident. I kinda think he just snapped. He was not the Hulk that I knew and we've gotten together on a couple instances since. He's always been great to me, very warm to me. I can understand, certainly, on the heels of those comments, WWE kind of taking him off to air for a while, but I'm very glad that he's back in the Hall of Fame and I've seen a number of comments he has made since that I choose to believe and feel were absolutely genuine.

"I know how much fans meant to Hulk and mean to Hulk because I had countless opportunities to see him interact. I think he's genuinely not only hurt for himself for having said those things and having them become public in the way and the manner of which it did, but I think he took it very hard and personal that he disappointed a lot of his fans. I'm glad that he's back and have nothing but the most love and respect for him."

Resnick also recalls a particular person who he treated very kindly away from the cameras, WWE Hall of Famer the Junkyard Dog.

"One very specific instance in my time with (WWE), Hulk was working a program and teaming up with Junkyard Dog. So, I had the opportunity to see Hulk interacting with JYD in the locker room before the matches, after the matches, and it was the utmost mutual respect on both sides. It's one thing to talk generally about it, but there's a specific example. JYD and Hulk together had a long run teaming up."

Ring Warriors is scheduled to air on WGN America. You can listen to the full interview below.

Source: Pancakes and Powerslams


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