Jeff Hardy Reveals The One Major Thing His Character Is Missing

Jeff Hardy's career has spanned twenty-six years at this point and he's seen a lot of action during that time. During Hardy's last stint in WWE which ended in 2009, he donned facepaint during his entrance to the fans' delight. He explained what happened backstage to bring back his famous facepaint during a roundtable interview with the European market.

"I think right when I came back from rotator cuff surgery Michael Hayes or somebody asked, 'hey do you want to paint your face again?' Hardy recalled. "I was like, 'Yeah! Of course, I do! I'd love to!" Hardy said.

"So I guess the whole thing winning the United States Championship and heading forward it was like, 'maybe we'll let him do his own thing since he's not with Matt.' Because I asked several times with Matt and they wouldn't let me do it on TV, I just did it at the live events. It was kinda weird. I think it's one of those things that's definitely better to do when I'm doing my singles stuff."

Hardy painted his face as the Charismatic Enigma in WWE, but he brought a new element to his makeup when he started painting his eyelids to look like eyes while he was in TNA. The former WWE Champion spoke about how excited he was to get the opportunity to show off that extra element on WWE television.

"That eyelid thing is really tough [to apply] it's challenging, but once I've seen what I created it's all worth it," Hardy said. "When I painted my face in '08-'09 back in the day, I hadn't come up with that yet. So it's cool to be here in WWE -- because I did it in TNA for so long and it was so cool and I had dreams of doing it here and here we are."

Hardy isn't using the same entrance music that he did during his last run with WWE. The Charismatic Enigma explained why he was forced to switch-up his soundtrack to the ring. He wishes WWE would either let him use his former music or let him record his own track.

"If we could get 'No More Words' back but the band evidently broke up," Hardy explained. "A lot of people thought that I sung that song, but that was Endeverafter's song, but I miss that dearly.

"I know a lot of my fans want to hear that more than anything. Because in my opinion, it's better to save that Hardy Boyz music for the Hardy Boyz. I don't feel comfortable using it, but I'm not going to complain.

"It might be time to do something completely fresh. But I definitely more than anything right now what's missing from the Jeff Hardy character on SmackDown is my own entrance music. I need something new and fresh if I don't get to use 'No More Words.'"

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