Jim Ross On If Dean Ambrose Should Turn Heel, Velveteen Dream Being A WrestleMania Headliner

Recently on The Jim Ross Report, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross shared his thoughts on Dean Ambrose return to WWE following shoulder surgery as well as the main event potential of NXT's Velveteen Dream.

On the August 13, 2018 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, Dean Ambrose made a surprise return. 'The Lunatic Fringe' also changed up his look. Ross approves of Ambrose's new buzzcut and beard, along with his added bulk. 'The Voice Of The Attitude Era' went on to suggest that Ambrose will be a bigger star in WWE as a heel.  

"I thought Dean looked great. I like his shorter haircut. A guy kind of being follicly-challenged and they're trying to mask it with longer hair that is unruly or will go here, there, and yonder to cover up a [bald] spot, it's not real flattering to you. I thought his haircut was spot on. I thought the beard was spot on. Obviously, Ambrose has trained religiously to heal and to get bigger, better, and stronger. And really, my hat's off to him for that.

"But I can tell you, he certainly carried himself like a villain. I felt he is going to be a villain, or a heel, or as Jim Cornette would say, 'he's a heel, Goddammit!' To me, he looks like a heel. Now, the welcome back pop was what it was and deservedly so, but I just see him being able to be a big time player more as a heel than as a fan favorite in WWE right now. And we'll see." Ross added, "I still think he could be most valuable for WWE right now, seemingly how the roster is outlined, as a villain."

With respect to Velveteen Dream, Ross suggested that this bad machine is a future WrestleMania main eventer.

"This kid is going to be phenomenal." Ross acknowledged, "he's getting there very quick. Mark my words, maybe two or three years, maybe a little longer, not much, top of the card at WrestleMania. Too much charisma, too much athleticism. He's unique. He [has] reinvented himself. He's not afraid to try bold things and most male wrestlers in the business find their comfort zone, their routine, their moves, it's like having a set of songs at a concert. You're not going to change the order. You won't change nothing while it's working type of deal. I like this kid."

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Source: The Jim Ross Report


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