Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

Join us tonight at 8pm EST for our live Viewing Party.

Thanks to Will Henderson (@willh94) for the following:

* We start with a Takeover recap video

* Johnny Gargano comes out on a crutch with no entrance music. He says we've had his back but he doesn't deserve it right now. Says he broke a promise and couldn't fix things. Says he doesn't know where he goes from here, and says he lost himself in Brooklyn and he's made a lot of mistakes and he doesn't know how to fix things and make things right. Regarding the loss to NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa at Takeover, he says he became something he's not proud of in Brooklyn, he became Ciampa. And he can't get Ciampa out of his head, but he's gotta be better. NXT General Manager William Regal is out. Regal says before Aleister Black comes and burns the whole place down, he has to ask if Johnny attacked him. Johnny says "you tell me," and tells him to look in his eyes and he'll know. The Velveteen Dream interrupts and says he's tired of listening to the same "woe is Johnny" spiel, and says tonight should be about him. Calls him Johnny Failure. Crowd actually chants that. Johnny says the crutch is just to keep the weight off, but he's good to go and throws the crutch at Velveteen. Regal breaks it up and says we'll have this match next week

* Dakota Kai defeated Aliyah. Dakota misses a dropkick and Aliyah takes control. Aliyah with a leg lariat Thesz press into a body scissors. Dakota fights out. Dakota hits the running kick and the Facewash for 2. Aliyah drops Dakota by her hair. Dakota hits the Kaio-Driver for the win

* Lars Sullivan is shown backstage having laid out EC3

* Raul Mendoza comes out for a match but Lars Sullivan also comes out. Lars says unlike the mystery of the Aleister Black situation, he admits to taking out EC3. Lars cuts a heel promo and destroys Raul

* Keith Lee defeated Luke Menzies. Lee with an awesome hurricanrana. Menzies attacks during the basking. Lee rebounds with a huge pounce and a brutal double overhand chip in the corner. Lee hits a huge pop-up Last Ride for the win

* The Undisputed Era (NXT Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong & Adam Cole) defeated WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne and NXT North American Champion Ricochet. Roddy blind tags and hits a huge backbreaker on Ricochet. They tag in and out and work over Ricochet. Ricochet makes the hot tag to Pete, who runs wild and takes out both guys. Pete drops Cole on Strong for 2. Pete hits a sitout bomb but Cole breaks out the pin. Pete hits a moonsault to the outside, and Ricochet goes for a suicide dive, but takes out Pete. Kyle throws Pete back in the ring and Cole hits the shining wizard for the win. Undisputed attack both men after the match until War Raiders run out for the save


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